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Homebuying and Mortgages

StreetWise Consumer Education Program

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Homebuying and Mortgages

A home is the largest purchase most of us will ever make and a mortgage is the biggest loan most of us will ever take out. A home is typically one of the best investments you'll make, too. In most parts of the country, homes rise in value every year. There is a lot of your money and time at stake.

Homebuying can be a complicated and sometimes frustrating process. If you are not prepared, the decisions you make, the questions you don't ask, and the details you miss could cost you thousands – in price, fees, financing, property issues, and home repairs. You'll want to be prepared for less than ethical business practices, too.

This section of StreetWise along with the StreetWise Homebuying Guide and StreetWise Mortgage Guide is designed to get you ready for choosing, buying, and financing a home.

We'll show you how the system works and things you can do to prevent problems. You'll learn from the bad experiences of others without having to experience those problems yourself.

Before you shop for a home or mortgage, read these pages. By doing your homework, you can prevent the American Dream of owning a home from becoming a nightmare.