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medallion signature guarantee

Medallion Signature Guarantee

Prevent forgery on your secure documents

Medallion Signature Guarantee 

A Medallion Signature Guarantee is a special signature guarantee for the transfer of securities. It is a guarantee that the signature is genuine and the financial institution accepts liability for any forgery. Signature guarantees protect shareholders by preventing unauthorized transfers and possible investor losses. They also limit the liability of the transfer agent who accepts the certificates. Documents are brought in and signed in front of a DCU representative. The DCU representative acts a witness to the signature and stamps the document attesting that they were present when the document was signed. Securities transfer agents insist on Medallion Signature Guarantees because they limit their liability and losses if a signature turns out to be forged.

DCU members can get free Medallion Signature Guarantees at every branch location during normal business hours. 

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To have a document guaranteed, make sure that when you come in to a branch, the document is unsigned and all signers bring photo identification such as a valid driver's license.

Our branch staff will verify the identities of the signers, witness you signing the document, and then put the medallion stamp on the document and return it to you.

Medallion Signature Guarantee Requirements


  • All owners listed on the securities must be present and sign in the presence of the DCU representative.


  • Valid picture I.D. (such as a state issued Driver's License, Passport Book or Military I.D.) must be presented to DCU representative.
    • DCU will no longer be accepting Passport Cards as a form of personal identification.

Proof of Securities Ownership:

  • Statement
  • Actual Stock Certificate

Verification of Legal Right to Sign:

  • Legal documents that are required to complete the transfer, such as death certificates, certificates of appointment of executor, etc. must accompany the securities.

Value of Securities:

  • DCU is limited to guarantee signatures for a total of $50,000 or less.