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DCU Routing Number: 211391825

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by our members

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways to qualify for membership at DCU. Visit our Eligibility page.

You can find your member number in any of the following three ways:

  • You can find your member number on any current statements you have with DCU; ie: Mortgage, Visa or account statement.
  • You may call DCU at 800.328.8797 and speak to a Member Service Representative and request to have your member number mailed to you.
  • You can visit any DCU Branch with a valid photo ID to obtain your member number.
Reordering your current checks with a new design:
  • If you are reordering your current DCU checks, and would like to choose from the full selection of designs available and customize your check, log in to Digital Banking and go to Membership. Under the Accounts Manager header, select Order Checks.
Reordering your current checks without changes:
  • If you are reordering checks, and you have no changes to request, click here. You'll need DCU's routing and transit number (211391825) and your account number.

We have DCU Branches in a variety of locations throughout MA and NH.

Please send your check to: DCU, Attn: Loan Services Dept. 853 Donald Lynch Boulevard, Marlborough, MA 01752.

Digital Federal Credit Union, PO Box 25166, Lehigh Valley, PA, 18002

Digital Federal Credit Union, PO Box 25007, Fort Worth, TX 76124.

Use our Intent to Sell form when financing a vehicle purchased via private sale.

DCU can provide the best rates on loans when collateral is pledged as security for the loan until the loan is repaid. Among these loans are mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, boat loans, and RV loans.

Whenever such property is pledged as collateral, we require that the property be insured against loss and that we are identified as the lienholder. We require proof this insurance exists as described in your loan agreement. is a free, simple, and secure online way for you to submit your proof of insurance to us. To do so, just click on the link below and follow the instructions. It's as easy as that.

Go to

Visit to find out how many points you have or call 800.657.8156 seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Money wires or wire transfers are a fast, safe way to move money between accounts at different financial institutions. Here are the fees for sending a domestic or international wire transfer:

Incoming Wire TransfersFREE
Outgoing Wire Transfer: 
Outgoing Wire Transfer: 
International Sent in Foreign Currency
Outgoing Wire Transfer: 
International Sent in US Currency

Additional fees may be charged by the receiving institution

Deposit checks from home with DCU's Online Deposit! DCU is excited to offer another EASY way to do banking online. Online Deposit allows you to scan in your check deposits from home, the office, or even while traveling using your PC, Mac, or laptop and a scanner. Sign up today for Online Deposit!

You can also make deposits from your smartphone by registering for Mobile Online Deposit. The only thing you need to deposit checks into your accounts is an Apple iPhone or an Android powered smartphone with a built-in camera. (You must be a registered Online Deposit user to use Mobile Online Deposit)  

After a loved one passes on, settling their accounts can be a difficult responsibility. We hope this information related to our role in this process will be helpful.

To ensure we address your specific situation, you will need to contact us by phone at 800.328.8797.  We also recommend you contact your financial and legal advisors for assistance.

Further information can be found here: Deceased Member

If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, please contact DCU immediately at 800.328.8797. Please visit our Identity Theft Hotline page for more information. For information on ATM and Debit Card Security, Credit Card Fraud, and other scams, please visit our Privacy and Fraud Resources page.

The vehicle insurance policy must include the following requirements:

  • Year, Make, Model and VIN
  • Comprehensive and Collision coverage, with deductibles no higher than $1,000 each
  • No excluded drivers
  • DCU listed as Loss Payee/Lien Holder as follows:

Digital Federal Credit Union
PO Box 25007
Fort Worth, TX 76124

The insurance policy can be submitted by using one of the delivery options:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 877.293.2059
  • Mail: Digital Federal Credit Union, PO Box 25007, Fort Worth, TX 76124

Please allow 2 business days for our Insurance Tracking Center to review the insurance policy and update our records. A notification will be sent by email or mail if additional information is required.

Fax the letter of guarantee request to 508-983-6335.

The request should include:

  • Borrower name
  • Vehicle year, make, and model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Claim number
  • Settlement amount
  • Date of loss
  • Fax number or email address to send the letter
  • Mailing address for title (once the loan is paid in full)

Send it to:

Digital Federal Credit Union
Attn: Loan Services
853 Donald Lynch Boulevard
Marlborough MA 01752

To avoid a delay in processing, the following information should be included with the check:

  • Borrower name
  • Vehicle year, make, and model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Mailing address where to release the title
  • DCU reports monthly to the four credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Innovis.
  • The data file for the previous month is submitted to the bureaus by the last day of the following month. i.e. the monthly file for June is sent to the bureaus no later than July 31st.
  • Credit bureaus can take 2-4 weeks to update a member’s loan balance and payment history on their credit report.

You are entitled to one free copy of your report, per year, from each credit bureau.

  • Checking your own credit report will not affect your credit score.