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Free Business Checking

Free Business Checking

No minimum balance and no monthly maintenance fees.

At a Glance

If your business checking account is at a bank, chances are you're paying big fees or getting little for the huge minimum balance you're forced to keep. Take a close look at your statement. You're in for a shock. Do they really want your business?

Member Benefits

No minimum balances - and no monthly maintenance fees.
DCU Visa® Debit Card - up to 4 per business account. (Upon Approval)
Unlimited check writing - deposit up to 20 items per day free. Above 20 - 10¢ per item processing charge.
FREE Online & Mobile Banking (data rates may apply)
4.5 4.5 / 5 stars

Business Accounts Deposit Fees

Item Item Fee Fee
20 Items or Less FREE
Over 20 Items $ .10/item
Item Item Fee Fee
20 Items or Less FREE
Over 20 Items $ .10/item

For a complete listing of all of DCU’s fees and service charges, please see the Schedule of Fees and Service Charges.

What Our Members Are Saying

Great to do business with

RATINGS 5 5 / 5 stars

Recently opened up an account with DCU for my small business. Signing up and getting all the information for the account was so easy. They do not charge you for maintenance fees, or other unnecessary charges. I’m so glad that DCU plays a role in my business.

Jeannot16 - Metheun, MA


Excellent for a new business

RATINGS 5 5 / 5 stars

The features and benefits of a DCU business account make the decision of where to bank a no brainer. So many banks charge fees for everything while DCU offers most things free with your account allowing you to grow your business (and your savings account).

NewBiz - Twin Cities, MN


DCU has me covered

RATINGS 5 5 / 5 stars

As a young entrepreneur who's just starting out, I trust putting my business banking needs in the hands of DCU. They've always been completely transparent with me on what to expect from their services and that goes a long way.

Jordan - Worcester, MA


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