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Defer a loan payment without impacting your credit rating

COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment

During the COVID-19 pandemic and until further notice, DCU will be offering changes to our standard Skip-A-Payment program, including allowing members to skip two payments and no fee to participate.


To assist our members during the COVID-19 pandemic, until further notice, we are offering our standard Skip-A-Payment Program (as described below), but with several important changes:

  • Gives you a two month break from your loan payment
  • No fee to participate
  • All the loans in our standard Skip-A-Payment program are eligible, plus Visa credit card loans
  • For the COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment program, you must be a member in good standing and must be current (less than 15 days past due) on all of your DCU loans when you apply.  DCU is waiving the requirements that you must have been current on all loans (less than 15 days past due) in the past 12 months, and that you may not participate during the first six months of your loan term. 
  • You may only participate in this program once for each eligible loan. Participating in this COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment program does not count toward the limits of our standard program as outlined below

Please see the COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment Request Form for more details.  For fastest processing, please email the completed form to [email protected].

Note that while DCU is offering the COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment program, DCU’s standard Skip-A-Payment program will not be available.

Standard Skip-A-Payment Features

  • Gives you a break from your loan payment
  • Does not affect your credit history
  • Costs only $25

What is Skip-A-Payment?

Sometimes you just need a little relief and extra time to get back on track. DCU's Skip-A-Payment program can help you make it happen.

The Skip-A-Payment Program gives you the option to defer two monthly payments on an eligible DCU Loan until the end of the loan. We advance your payment due date and your maturity date¹.

Loans Eligible for Skip-A-Payment

  • Access Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Motorcycle Loans
  • Boat Loans
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans
  • Mobility Vehicle Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Stock-Secured Loans

How Skip-A-Payment Works

To take advantage of our Skip-A-Payment Program, print out the Skip-A-Payment Request Form (pdf) , fill it out completely and return it to DCU with your $25 fee (or choose to have the fee automatically withdrawn from your DCU Account). This request must be received no less than 10 business days prior to the payment you want to skip.

To participate in this program, your membership must be in good standing and all loans must be current (less than 15 days past due in the past 12 months). This program does not apply to loans during the first six (6) months of the loan agreement and you may only exercise one (1) Skip-a-Payment per calendar year/per loan with a maximum of three (3) skipped payments per loan term.

The Skip-A-Payment Program is not offered on Visa, Advantage Credit Line, Home Equity, Mortgage, or Student Loans.

¹ Finance charges will continue to accrue on a daily basis at the Annual Percentage Rate set forth in your loan agreement, both during and after the deferral period. This means that this deferral of scheduled payments, and/or the application of resulting fee directly to the outstanding loan balance if that is the method you have chosen, will result in having to pay higher total Finance Charges and possibly a greater total number of payments, than if you made these payments as originally scheduled. This means additional payment(s) may be due after the loan would have originally been paid off. Your next monthly payment will include the finance charges accrued from the skipped month. Each payment is first applied to finance charges and late charges, if any, and then to principal.

Review Summary

Huge help in a difficult time

Ratings Summary 5 5 / 5 stars

Our family came under hard times recently when I was laid off. The option to skip a payment was a lifeline that we needed. It’s good to know that DCU is there for you in the good times and the difficult times as well.

Brian72 - New Hampshire, NH

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Ship a payment

Reviews 5 5 / 5 stars

Thanks DCU for bailing me out this month, what a financial bail out for me.It's so nice to know there are still banks out in this world that care about people. Thanks again!!!!

chatty - Manchester, NH

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