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Who is DCU's Leadership?

Learn About the Senior Management Team of DCU


DCU is governed by an elected Board of Directors. These dedicated, unpaid volunteers are elected by their fellow members to ensure the credit union is operated in their best interests.

The Board's primary roles are to determine the Vision and Ends Policy that DCU will meet for its members, to hire a professional CEO to achieve those goals, to define the manner in which the CEO does so, and to monitor the CEO's performance.

The Board also appoints a volunteer Supervisory Committee. The Committee's role is to ensure that the member assets are adequately safeguarded and that audited financial statements are maintained each year.

The Board's role is neither operational nor honorary. The role is strategic and visionary. The DCU Board has adopted and uses the John Carver Policy Governance Model in leading DCU. It was specifically designed to make the Boards of Directors for not-for-profit organizations more effective. In essence, the Board sets the vision, and long-term desired results for DCU – the where we want to be.

The Board then sets policies that limit the means by which the CEO can get there and establishes policies to monitor progress toward achieving the vision and desired results as well as executive constraints. This method of governance keeps the Board focused on high-level strategic issues (refining the vision and long-term results) and gives the CEO and his or her staff the ability and flexibility to achieve the objectives the Board has set.

Executive Leadership

Shruti MiyashiroPresident/CEO

David DeWittChief Risk Officer

Laurie LaChapelleChief Financial Officer

John MasonChief Technology Officer

Minna PomeroyChief People Officer

Sue BurtonSenior Vice President of Member Experience

Theran ColwellSenior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy

Paul CareyVice President of Commercial Lending

Caleb CookVice President of Consumer Lending

Sarah HuntVice President and General Counsel

Michelle KileVice President of Branch Services

Sandesh ParulekarVice President of Engineering

Jason Sorochinsky, Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Nicole WilliamsVice President of Member Experience and Marketing

Marianne ZawackiVice President of Financial Services

Board of Directors

Curt Raffi, Chair

Wayne Haubner, Vice Chair

Kumar Kittuswamy, Treasurer

Camille Glover, Secretary

Matt Menning

Paula Hunter

Baba Bedi

Jason Collier

Tiffany Miller

Supervisory Committee

Julia Conn-Espitia, Chair

Frank Branca

Carlo Cestra

Cathy Giunta

Scott Gordon


DCU volunteers contribute their leadership, knowledge, ideas, and vision to the benefit of their fellow credit union members. In exchange, they receive practical leadership and team experience, education on financial institutions and management, networking opportunities, travel opportunities, and the satisfaction that comes from helping improve people's lives. Volunteers are essential for corporate governance and for DCU to fulfill its vision. We need and depend on them. They are a key element of what sets DCU apart from other financial institutions.

To decide if you want to volunteer your time and expertise to DCU and determine whether you meet the rigorous standards, there are things you'll want to know. Although these are volunteer positions of leadership, standards for serving are quite high - even higher than most publicly traded companies. The challenges of governing a growing and vibrant credit union require no less.

If you are considering volunteer opportunities at DCU, visit the pages on qualifications below. These are the criteria by which you will be considered for appointment or nomination.

Director Qualifications and Selection Criteria

Supervisory Committee Qualifications and Selection Criteria

If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities at DCU, please send an email to [email protected]*.

*Please note that ordinary email is not secure. You should avoid including any sensitive personal or financial information. Contact DCU directly with specific questions concerning your account or membership.