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DCU Text Alerts

Alerts and Notifications

Request to receive informational texts and emails, triggered by specific events.


  • Receive alerts or notifications regarding your DCU accounts via text message or email 
  • Alerts and notifications are triggered by certain events you select
  • Sign-up for as many types as you like
  • DCU Text Alerts is a free service for members (carrier data and message rates may apply)
  • DCU Account Notifications is a free service for members
  • Sign up through Account Manager


Types of Text Alerts Offered    

Visa® Credit Card Payment Reminder

A single text will be sent prior to the due date of any DCU Visa® Credit Card on which you are the Primary Borrower. The text will include the due date, loan number, and the minimum amount due, and give you an option to actually make a payment.  

Visa® Credit Card Statement Notification

Visa® Credit Card Statement Notifications will notify you whenever you have a new Credit Card statement available to view.

Visa® Credit Card Transaction Alerts

Transaction Alerts will notify you whenever certain transactions occur on your credit card based on parameters that you set yourself. This can be used to notify you of potentially unauthorized transactions, or to watch for a particular type of activity on your credit card(s).

Visa® Fraud Alerts - Enhanced Fraud Monitoring

The Visa® Fraud Text Alert service helps identify and potentially prevent future fraudulent transactions from occurring on your DCU Visa® credit card(s) with a simple text. With DCU Visa® Fraud Text Alerts, you’ll receive a text when a transaction that doesn’t conform to your usual spending habits is detected.  

Overdrawn Check Alerts

A text message will be received whenever there are not enough funds in your account to cover a DCU check you’ve written. When the text is sent, specific details regarding the pending transaction(s) will also be generated as a message in Account Manager (found in Online Banking). The details will include the check number(s) being presented as well as the information needed to deposit enough money to cover the check before it is submitted.    

Other Alerts

You can also create controls and receive Alerts on your DCU Visa® Debit and Credit Cards based on:

·       Transaction amount;

·       Geographic Locations; and

·       Merchant Type


Account Notifications

DCU will notify you whenever certain activity occurs or send you reminders of specific events based on parameters that you set yourself.

Types of Account Notifications:

  • Accounts
    • Balance update
  • Activity
    • Low balance
    • High balance
    • Large withdrawal
    • Large deposit
    • Check cleared
  • Reminders
    • Loan payment due
    • Loan payment overdue
    • Personal message

Travel Notifications   

Will you be travelling with your DCU Debit or Credit Card? To protect your account and minimize fraudulent activity, we work closely with Visa® to monitor fraud patterns and unusual card activity. DCU makes it easy for you to let us know about your upcoming travel plans through Travel Notifications located within DCU's Account Manager.

Set-up Travel Notifications by: 

  •  Logging into Online Banking and selecting Account Manager Home;
  •  Logging into Mobile Banking and selecting the Account Manager widget; or
  •  Contacting DCU at 800.328.8797 to speak with a Member Service Representative.