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Title Services

Title Services

Title Services

To submit your request for a State Change or Name Change on a title for an “open loan”, log into Online Banking.

The request can be found within Account Manager by following these steps: Account Manager > Manage Accounts > Services > Title Services

Important Information - Please read before you submit your request.

State Change:

  • If moving from an Owner Retained Title State, please update DCU with your new address. If you live in one of the states listed below, you should have your original Title, DCU will not have your Title. Owner Retained Title States are:

    Kentucky Maryland Michigan
    Minnesota Missouri Montana
    New York Oklahoma Wyomimg
  • You must take your Title to your new state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a new Title and Registration. This is something DCU cannot process for you.

Name Change:

  • If you applied for a vehicle loan directly with DCU, we can assist with the name change process on a Title.
    To submit your online request log into Online Banking and follow these steps: Account > Manage Accounts > Services > Title Services

  • If your vehicle loan was processed indirectly through a dealership, you will need to contact DCU by calling 1.800.328.8797 to initiate this request.