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Vehicle Loans

Competitive borrowing options for several vehicle types.

DCU Auto Insurance

Helping you choose auto insurance you need.

DCU Insurance

Payment Protection

Relieve financial stress from loan payments.

Payment Protection


Materials and resources to help you make a more informed decision when buying your vehicle

Essential information you need to know regarding Loan Title and Insurance requirements.


Relieve the financial stress and worry related to making loan payments.

How Payment Protection works Payment Protection offered by DCU helps relieve the financial stress and worry related to making loan payments when your life takes an unexpected turn. Your loan payment* will be canceled for a period of time without penalty, added interest, or being reported as delinquent to the credit bureau when one of the following covered events occur:

Count on us for good service and expert help for choosing the best auto insurance.

DCU Insurance helps you achieve financial well-being by protecting your most valuable personal assets – home, car, and earnings – from the ever-present, serious threat of property and liability losses. We treat you the way DCU members expect to be treated. We provide you top quality products from great insurers, fair prices, outstanding service, and member education.

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Buying a Car


3 financial decisions to take when buying a car.

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