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Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL)

Easy vehicle research with DCU auto financing

Easy vehicle research with DCU auto financing    

What is CUDL?

CUDL is an organization that works with auto dealers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to make DCU auto loans available where cars are sold. DCU participates with CUDL for the convenience of our members. Note that neither DCU nor CUDL have agreements with dealers that affect vehicle prices. DCU does not endorse individual dealers. It is vitally important that you negotiate all aspects of the purchase as you would with any dealer. Our award-winning StreetWise Auto Buying Guide is designed to help you prepare for that process.

What are some benefits of CUDL?

The CUDL Auto Buying Program has all the tools to help you make an informed decision on your next new or used vehicle. They provide three easy steps on their web site. 

  • Research – Search vehicles by make, model, and price. This includes new or used vehicles. Invoice (dealer invoice prices do not include local dealer advertising, which vary by region) and retail (retail pricing is listed as MSRP or Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) pricing are listed on every vehicle, providing you with all the information you need to negotiate the best deal.
  • Request a quote – After building your vehicle, request a quote. Your information can be submitted to up to five Auto Buying Program dealers who will contact you with pricing and availability on your terms and on your time.
  • Credit Union Financing Right at the dealership – When picking up your vehicle, identify yourself as a CUDL credit union member and request DCU financing through the CUDL system.

Where can I find a participating dealer?

CUDL has an online dealership locator you can use to find a participating dealership. Participating dealers typically display the CUDL logo somewhere on site.

Read this before shopping for vehicles at participating dealers

You can easily throw away $2,000 or more at the best car dealership or buying service if you don't understand the car business. Why? It's no secret that dealers are in business to make money. They often make more on the unwary buyer than they do on the savvy buyer. And their participation in Credit Union Direct Lending does not mean you will automatically get a good deal. Visit our StreetWise Auto Buying Guide. Your wallet will thank you.