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Advantage Savings Account

Get the most out of your savings with a faster way to grow your money.

At a Glance

Helping our members prepare for their financial future starts with saving money for life’s big moments.


High Annual Percentage Yield (APY) - receive a higher APY than the national average for savings accounts*
No minimum balance to earn - start earning on any balance
Compounding earnings - dividends are compounded (added to the principal balance) on a monthly basis
As High As
3.56% APY




No Minimum



Advantage Savings Account

Minimum Daily Balance to earn Interest (Dividend) Rate APY¹
No minimum 3.50% 3.56%

¹APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are variable and may change after the account is opened and are subject to change weekly. Interest (Dividends) compounded and credited monthly.

Advantage Savings is a sweep account, which means that balances up to the Maximum Program Deposit Amount ($1,000.00) will be automatically swept to FDIC and/or NCUA insured accounts held at participating Receiving Financial Institutions. Balances that exceed the Maximum Program Deposit Amount will remain in the Advantage Savings Account at DCU. The same Interest (Dividend) Rate and APY apply to the entire account balance (including funds that remain in the Advantage Savings Account). The Maximum Program Deposit Amount and Receiving Financial Institutions may be changed at any time. To review the list of the current Receiving Financial Institutions and the current Maximum Program Deposit Amount, visit

Please also refer to DCU's Advantage Savings Terms and Conditions, Account Agreement for Consumers, and Schedule of Fees and Service Charges, for additional important information and disclosures.

This DCU Advantage Savings Rate Sheet is incorporated into the Advantage Savings Terms and Conditions. Review the Advantage Savings Terms and Conditions for important information regarding the Advantage Savings Account.

Current Participating Program Institutions:



GreenState Credit Union


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*The national average annual percentage yield ("APY") for savings accounts is listed as 0.37% as reported by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as of March 20, 2023.