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External Transfers

A convenient way to move money between institutions


  • Pay recurring bills directly from your DCU account
  • Move money to your DCU account from other payers
  • It's free both ways


Pre-Authorized ACH Payments from your DCU Account

Also known as pre-authorized debits, withdrawals, or ACH payments, this is a convenient way to pay recurring bills. Many utilities, insurance companies, and others that bill you regularly offer this option. It's free at DCU. 

Contact the company and inquire if the service is available. You complete and sign an agreement that is then typically sent with a voided check. You don't need to send the money early. Each transaction will appear on your monthly statement, eStatement, and account history in Online Banking and Mobile Banking. It's reliable and saves time.

Make sure you deduct these payments from the balance in your check register in advance of the actual payment date to avoid over-drafting your account. You can also make recurring transfers from your DCU account to another financial institution with a completed Authorization and Agreement for Pre-authorized Withdrawals Form (.pdf format) in order for recurring transfers to begin.

Pre-Authorized ACH Payments to your DCU Account

This service (also known as debit transfers or ACH origination) allows you to automatically move money from your accounts at another financial institution to your accounts at DCU. You can make recurring deposits into your DCU checking or savings account or make recurring DCU loan payments.

You choose which DCU account the money goes into and which account at your other financial institution the money will be transferred from. It's free at DCU, but the other institution may charge a fee.

You have the option to send money to DCU weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You must submit a completed Authorization and Agreement for Pre-authorized Payments Form (.pdf format) in order for recurring transfers to begin.

How to set up an automatic recurring transfer:

Within Online Banking in under a minute:

1. Select Make/Schedule a Transfer from the Transfers dropdown menu.

2. Select your From and To accounts.

3. Check Repeat to set this up as a recurring transfer then select your frequency, start date, and – if necessary — end date.

4. Enter the amount

5. Write an optional memo — this will appear with your transaction each time the transfer occurs.

6. Select Schedule Transfer


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