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Bill Pay

Pay anyone anytime free through Digital Banking


Thousands of members pay millions of dollars in bills every month with DCU's Bill Pay. Here's why... 

  • It's secure – Bill Pay is safe and secure. It uses 128-bit SSL encryption when communicating data.
  • It's easy – Setting up and paying bills is simple and fast. Electronic Payments are posted one (1) business day after the send date. Checks are typically posted up to seven (7) business days after the send date (up to 5 business days to reach the biller and an estimated two (2) business days for the Biller to deposit the check).
  • It saves you postage –Over $ 70 a year if you pay 10 bills a month.
  • You're in control – You can pay almost anyone, any time, day or night, or you can set up automatic payments.*
  • It's convenient – Schedule single payments in advance. Schedule monthly, twice monthly, every two weeks, weekly, and many other options.
  • Pay bills on the go – You can use Bill Pay in the Digital Banking mobile app to set up billers and set up and make payments.
  • Default funding account – Members who have more than one checking account can easily choose from which checking account the funds are to be debited in the Pay Bills screen.
  • Receive some bills electronically – With eBills, you have the option to receive as well as pay your bills online from a growing list of companies and vendors.

To use Bill Pay, you'll need a DCU Checking Account. Electronic payments are deducted from your account as you make them. Check payments are withdrawn from your account when it is cashed by the receiver.

* You may not use the online bill pay service to pay governmental fees (such as taxes), court-directed obligations (such as alimony or child support), or payments outside the United States and its territories.

How Bill Pay Works

You can add your billers to the service using the Add Biller button. The Add Biller process allows you to match a user entry to electronic merchants, which requires less information in adding a new bill. This screen will prompt you to input information from your current billing statement sent to you by your biller. Bill Pay allows you to set up payments in advance, plus you can set up automatic payments with a wide variety of payment frequencies.

If the amount and/or due date of your payments vary, you can simply use the Pay Bills tab. Choose the biller you want to pay and enter the amount. By clicking the "Send" or "Deliver" date, the dynamic calendar will show you the earliest date you can expect your payment to be sent or to arrive. You can schedule your payment to arrive any time later by choosing a due date in the future using the dynamic calendar.

Bill Pay users can make changes to the payment amount, payment date, and withdrawal account of payments which are in pending status. The ability to change a payment is accessible from the Bill Pay Activity Page.

If your bill is paid by check, the check will be sent to the biller five days before the due date. If bills are paid electronically, the funds come out of your checking account on the evening prior to the deliver date you selected. In the case that your payment is sent by check, the funds will be withdrawn when your biller cashes the check payment. A draft is a check drawn on your selected DCU checking account.

Payment checks include the biller's name, your name (the primary member's name), the biller's account number, and the amount.

How eBills Work

Bill Pay includes an Electronic Bill service, free to DCU members. If you ordinarily receive bills from participating Electronic Bill companies, you can sign up to receive those bills electronically via Bill Pay. Once the company processes your request, you'll start to receive their bills online and you'll be able to pay them electronically as well, or in some cases a check will be sent to them.

If your biller offers Electronic Bills, the option to Add eBill will be available to the left under the biller name on the Pay Bills screen via the desktop version of Digital Banking. If you are in the Mobile App, simply go to "Activity" tab and click on the biller name to see if eBills are available. If they are, tap the "Add eBill" option to get started! It's easy to sign up and use.