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Refer a Friend Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I refer a friend or family member to join DCU?

A DCU Member may invite a friend or family member to join by following the referral email instructions or through Online Banking.  In Online Banking, go to Account Manager, select “Share DCU” located in the left hand menu, and then select “Refer a Friend” from the options listed.  

How does the referred member qualify?

If the referred member opens any of the qualifying accounts within the time frame of receiving the invitation to join they will receive $20, and the referring DCU member will receive $10.

What are the qualifying accounts?

Qualifying accounts are Checking Account with Direct Deposit of your net pay, social security or pension, a mortgage (purchase or refinance), a Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loan (new or refinance), a vehicle, RV, boat, or mobility loan (purchase or refinance), or membership with at least five debit/credit card transactions, bill payments, balance transfers, or P2P transfers in a calendar month. 

When will I get my money?

Once the new membership and qualifying account is opened, the bonuses will be deposited into both members' DCU Primary Savings Accounts. When opening a Checking Account with Direct Deposit there will be a delay of the deposit, which is credited at the end of the month. When opening a membership with 5 monthly payments, we'll deposit bonuses after 5 active payments have successfully been completed within the same calendar month.

Why didn't I receive my money?

Possible reasons could include:

  • The referred member has not opened the qualifying product yet.

  • The referral was made (email sent) after the new membership was already opened.

  • The email address for the referred member must match the email address that the referring member sent it to. (The email address can be changed in Online Banking after the bonus has been paid out).

  • Direct Deposit must be net pay, not a portion of the check.

  • Direct Deposit is calculated at the end of the month and the bonus is paid then.

  • Referral code was not redeemed when membership was opened. The new member can enter the referral code in Online Banking through the Share DCU tool in Account Manager.

When can I refer someone?

You may refer a friend at any time through Online Banking by selecting Account Manager > Share DCU.

How can I check the status of the referrals I made?

Log in to Online Banking and select Account Manager > Home > Share DCU > Referral History.

How can I refer more people?

Log in to Online Banking and select Account Manager > Share DCU > Refer a Friend


If you have any other questions regarding the Refer a Friend program and services offered by DCU, please call our Information Center.

Member Referral Frequently Asked Questions