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Members' Monthly Newsletters

DCU's educational e-newsletter

Thank you for Stepping Up

DCU is thankful to have essential workers and so many heroes unselfishly giving back during these times.



Click on the titles below to view articles of Members' Monthly, DCU's educational e-newsletter.

Members' Monthly Past Issues

Fall 2022 Newsletter

  • DCU in the Community
  • Welcome our new CEO: Shruti Myashiro

For the 2022 Fall edition of Members’ Monthly, please click here

Summer 2022 Newsletter

  • DCU for Kids Scholarships
  • Fraud: It Can Happen to Anyone
  • DCU’s Financial Education Center

For the 2022 Summer edition of Members’ Monthly, please click here

Spring 2022 Newsletter

  • April is Financial Literacy Month
  • Fraud: it can happen to anyone
  • 2022 Annual Meeting

For the 2022 Spring edition of Members’ Monthly, please click here

Winter 2022 Newsletter

  • DCU’s Annual Memorial Scholarship Program
  • 2022 board nominees and annual meeting
  • Get confident about your personal finances
  • Fraud: It can Happen to Anyone

For the 2022 Winter edition of Members’ Monthly, please click here

Note: The information in these newsletters was correct at the time of publication and may no longer be accurate. This is especially true with savings rates, loan rates, and special offers. Please refer to other portions of our web site for the most up to date information.        

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