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StreetWise Consumer Education Program

StreetWise Consumer Education Program

Free resources to help you and your family.

Program Overview

DCU's vision is that all members achieve their financial goals collaboratively. We believe that unbiased, detailed consumer education is essential for you to achieve your financial goals.

StreetWise will provide you the information you need to assist in making the major purchases of your life for as little money as possible. StreetWise will teach you how financial products and services work and how to get the most from them. StreetWise will help show you how to protect your privacy and personal information.  


Auto Buying

In the market for a new or used car? To get a great deal and a car you're happy with, brush up on the process of buying a car and evaluating how much you can afford with our helpful guide. Read More

Boat & RV Buying

Whether you are shopping for a boat or recreational vehicle, the key to owner satisfaction is getting the most for your money - and we'll help you figure out how. Read More

Home Buying

Before you shop for a home or mortgage remember that by doing your homework, you can prevent the American dream of owning a home from becoming a nightmare. Read More


Credit Resources

Learn the ins and outs of credit, including how it works, how to use it responsibly, and what to do if you are having difficulty managing your payments. Read More

Insurance Resources

Make better decisions for you and your family by learning the basics about insurance and how the many different kinds of insurance on the market work. Read More

Parents' Guide

Helpful information for parents looking to teach their children their first lessons about money, saving for the future and planning for college. Read More

Privacy & Fraud Resources

Learn about the steps you can take to prevent criminal activity and cyber vandalism from affecting you, your family and your business. Also discover how to identify online scams and ways to protect yourself. Read More

Retirement Resources

Today's Americans, more than previous generations, view retirement as an active journey filled with new opportunities. Learn how you can prepare yourself for this adventure. Read More
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