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Insurance Guide

Insurance is all about managing risk. We purchase insurance to protect ourselves and our loved ones from a devastating financial loss. Purchasing insurance to protect homes and automobiles and to cover healthcare costs and medical emergencies is familiar to most families. Most individuals have also thought about life insurance. But what about all the other types of insurance out there? Which ones may or may not be useful for you and your family?

Only you can decide what insurance choices and coverage are appropriate for your individual situation. You may also wish to consult with an experienced, well-qualified insurance professional or financial planning professional about your needs. But a basic knowledge of what kinds of insurance exist and their purpose is an important foundation for such decision making. The goal of the StreetWise Insurance Guide is to provide that informational foundation.

This guide presents an overview of many kinds of insurance to help you make the best decision about insurance for you and your family. As you use the guide, we welcome your comments on what you find most helpful and your suggestions for additions.