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Break away from your high interest credit card

Make a balance transfer. You could earn up to $100¹ while saving on interest, too.

DCU Visa® Platinum cardholders
You could save on interest and earn with this exclusive offer

From 10/1 – 10/31/2021, you could earn up to $1001 when you make a balance transfer from your high-rate card to your DCU Visa Platinum credit card.

Did you know that the average credit card rate in the United States is 20.25%²? If you’re carrying a large balance at that rate, a balance transfer to DCU could save you hundreds in interest every year.

Make your balance transfer before 10/31/21 and you’ll get $25 for every $2,500 you transfer to your DCU Visa Platinum Credit Card, up to $1001. We’ll make the deposit into your Primary Savings account by 11/15/21.

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Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Log into your Online Banking account with the link below. We’ll bring you right to the balance transfer tool.
  2. Enter the card number and amount that you're paying off, verify the card issuer information, and we'll take care of the rest!
  3. We’ll deposit your qualifying payout to your Primary Savings account by 11/15/21.

1Offer valid only for select DCU Visa Platinum cardholders who received the promotional email. Must be the primary borrower on a DCU Visa Platinum credit card as of 10/1/21. Balance transfer(s) must be initiated by 11:59pm ET on 10/31/21 to qualify. Maximum payout is $100. Only balance transfers from a non-DCU credit card to your DCU Visa Platinum credit card qualify; other types of cash advances and purchase transactions do not qualify for this offer. Balance transfers may not be used as a payment towards other DCU Visa Platinum credit card accounts. You should continue to make all required payments to the other credit card account(s) until you confirm the balance transfer(s) was made and the payment(s) reflects as a credit. You can only transfer amounts up to your available credit limit at the time of the transfer request. Minimum to conduct a transfer is $100. Transferred amount will begin to accrue interest at your balance transfer APR on the date the balance transfer is posted to your DCU Visa Platinum credit card account. Interest will continue to accrue each day the balance remains on your account. Offer not valid for DCU Visa Business Platinum or Business Visa Platinum Plus.

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