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Empower Your Financial Future with DCU Digital Banking.

Since 1979, we’ve known that digital is the future. Not only is it in our name. It’s in our company DNA. That’s why we’re reinventing what digital banking means to you – bringing together innovative tools and unique features that help you take control of your money. 

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DCU continues to enhance your Digital Banking Experience

Since the conversion, we’ve continued to listen to your feedback and make improvements to your Digital Banking experience. Just recently, we increased our Digital Banking platform's speed on desktop to help you to get to your money faster and easier. Speed enhancements to the DCU Digital Banking app (iOS and Android) are being tested and will be released to members as soon as they’re ready.

We want you to know that we are actively working to bring back quick balances and improve our integration with Plaid. We recognize that this process has been inconvenient for many of our members, but rest assured that our team is working tirelessly to resolve this integration issue as quickly as possible.

We ask for your continued patience as we further enhance your Digital Banking experience.

Your Online Banking Experience Reimagined

DCU Digital Banking offers built-in financial wellness tools that put you in the driver’s seat and provides a holistic view of your finances. This means you view all of your accounts in one place – including ones at other financial institutions. Our unique-to-you online banking experience focuses on your money’s future – making it easy to create strategic financial goals and review your progress every step of the way. We can also help you pay off your loans even faster with our easy-to-use payment planner. Whether you bank online, or through the Digital Banking mobile app, you can manage your accounts and plan your financial future with ease.


FutureLook™ helps you see into your financial future by providing insight into your spending habits. When you opt into this feature, you’ll see an easy-to-read forecast based on the cumulative effect of income and expenses you have within the checking account you elect. Specifically, FutureLook™ identifies your recurring income (e.g., paychecks), recurring expenses (e.g., electric bill), and average daily spending (e.g., the morning coffee run). By doing so, you can see your estimated checking account balance one month into the future (on a daily basis) and one year into the future (on a monthly basis). All in all, FutureLook™ is a unique tool that helps you see how your money could better serve you.

Digital banking Future Look feature screenshot
Digital banking Goals feature screenshot


We make it easy to focus on your life goals with a digital banking experience that was designed for you. You can create strategic financial goals and review your progress every step of the way. No matter what you’re saving money for, we can help you create a personalized action plan that works for you.

Auto Pay Planner

Our easy-to-use payment planner can show you the benefits of paying more towards your loans. It will help answer questions like these: 

  • “If I paid more on my auto loan, how much interest would I save?”
  • “If I only make the minimum payment, when will I be debt-free?”
  • “How quickly can I pay off my loan?”
Digital Banking Auto Pay Planner feature screenshot

DCU Mobile App what's changed screen example

DCU Mobile App what's changed screen example - mobile view

Benefits of a DCU Membership

Learn more about our commitment to help members achieve financial wellness.


Membership Eligibility

1.     Eligibility by Family Relationship to a Current DCU Member

Relatives of DCU members are eligible to join if they are spouses, domestic partners, children grandchildren, parents, grandparents or siblings (including adoptive in-law, and step relationships).

2.     Eligibility by Company You Work for or Retired From

    You currently work for or retired from a company in our list of participitating employers.

    You have a family relationship (as described above) to a non-member who currently works for or retired from a company or organization in our field of membership.

3.     Eligibility by Organization You Belong To

    You currently belong to or join an organization whose members we serve.

    You have a family relationship (as described above) to a non-member who belongs to an organization in our list of participating organizations.

4.     Eligibility by Community

You are automatically eligible to join DCU if you live, work, worship, or attend school in one of the communities in our list. Any business or other legal entity located in one of these areas is also automatically eligible to join.

You’re an owner, not a number.

DCU is a not-for-profit, member-owned credit union that puts you first. And unlike banks, we don’t answer to the needs of stockholders.

Community Involvement

DCU takes pride in sponsoring and participating in charitable, educational, and other community events – from providing college scholarships to supporting local non-profits.

Better rates and lower fees.

As a credit union, DCU returns its profits to members by keeping fees to a minimum, loan rates low, and offering higher-than-average interest rates on savings.

Financial Education

From childhood through adulthood, DCU has the tools and resources members need to better manage their finances.