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COVID-19 Virus

COVID-19 Updates from DCU

General information about DCU's ongoing operations, financial relief and COVID-19 preparedness

Financial Relief Programs

To ease the financial stress you may be under as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made modifications to our fee structure, updated certain product terms and made available wellness and relief programs. To learn more about how we can help you, click "see all."

Operations & Self Service

We are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes. Please leverage self-service tools, such as those listed below for all routine transactions or questions.

The DCU Mobile App

Deposit checks, pay bills and more 24/7.

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Desktop Online Banking

Expanded account management options 24/7.

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Non-urgent Requests

Email us for a response in 2 business days.

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DCU Branches

All DCU branch lobbies, including our Teller lines are open.

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Doing the Right Thing

One of DCU’s core philosophies and what countless frontline workers and everyday heroes have been doing throughout this trying time. We are thankful for your efforts as you unselfishly give back to support your local community.

Pandemic Preparedness

The health and safety of our members and employees is always our top priority and with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (the coronavirus), we would like to share with you the ways we at DCU are ensuring continued safe and effective operations.

Steps we are taking

Monitoring Our teams are actively monitoring recommendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and federal, state and local agencies to help ensure the actions we are taking are in line with best practices.
Communication We are also actively communicating with our employees to ensure our entire organization is prepared to act on any guidance we may receive.
Cleansing We have made hand sanitizer stations readily available for our members and employees throughout our branch and back-office facilities and we are also conducting additional cleaning as appropriate, with a particular focus on high-touch surfaces and common areas.
Support We continue to offer our members access to their accounts remotely 24/7 quickly and easily using our mobile app on a smartphone or tablet and through our desktop Online Banking. Using these tools, our members can access their accounts, deposit checks, pay bills, and/or transfer funds.
Relief DCU also stands ready to assist members who have been directly affected by COVID-19 by offering financial obligation relief and assistance plans, should they become necessary.


Download the DCU Mobile Banking App to your Android™ phone, iPhone®, or iPad® through the Apple App Store or Google Play. This app is available to assist with most banking transactions remotely 24/7.


For the health and safety of our members and employees, the team at DCU is committed to following best practices for social distancing. As a result, members will experience delays in the processing of deposits and payments sent via mail. To quickly and easily deposit checks, pay bills, please use DCU mobile app or log in to Online Banking

Watch out for phishing scams

Be on the lookout for suspicious emails, text messages and phone calls leveraging the COVID-19 outbreak to convince you to share sensitive information such as usernames and passwords, download software, or make purchases or donations. Scammers often pose as a government agency, company, or even a charity.

Informational Resources

Stay informed with the latest updates and tips on how to limit the spread of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) by regularly checking information from federal, state and local agencies including: