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Card Settings

Fraud control in the palm of your hand.

What are Card Settings? 

Card Settings put powerful fraud protection tools in your hands. Available in Digital Banking, Card Settings puts you in control of your DCU Credit and Debit cards by allowing you to turn your cards off and on, set spending limits, control where your cards are used, and more.

Receive text and/or email alerts anytime your card is used in person, online, or through a mobile wallet.

Here are some of the powerful options you'll find in Card Settings:

Turn your cards off and on – Shut your cards off when you're not using them for extra peace of mind.

Locations – Set approximate regions in which your card will work or block international transactions.

Transaction types – If you rarely use your card for online orders or by phone, disable them to prevent fraud and quickly enable them when necessary.

Merchant types – Enable or disable specific merchant types including gas stations, grocery stores, and department stores.

Spend limit – Control spending by setting a limit for transactions.

Alerts – Get notified via text or email right away whenever a Debit or Credit Card transaction is approved or declined.

How To Get Started

1). Log into Digital Banking

  • From  desktop: Select the account your card is linked to, click "Manage" and choose "Card Settings" in the drop-down.
  • From the app: Select the account your card is linked to, and choose "Card Settings" from the side-scroll options menu under Account Services.

2). Follow the instructions to register then choose how you would like to receive transaction alerts and which cards to include in Card Settings.

Card Setting FAQs

  1. How does Card Settings work?
    Card Settings allows you to place settings and alerts on your Credit or Debit cards, adding an additional layer of security to your transactions.
  2. How can I enroll in Card Settings?
    You can enroll by logging into Digital Banking, accessing Accounts, and choosing Card Settings within the account details (through Manage in desktop) or under Account Services (at the bottom of the screen in the app). Once you register and agree to the terms and conditions, you'll be ready to use Card Settings and set up your desired alerts.
  3. Is there a fee for this service?
    There is no fee to use Card Settings. Your wireless carrier may charge message or data fees for transaction notifications that you receive on your mobile device.
  4. What types of controls can I place on my purchases?
    You can set location limits so that your cards will only work within the geographic area, set merchant restrictions to allow or block certain types of merchants or transactions, set dollar limits, and enable or disable your cards as needed.
  5. If I misplace my card, use Card Settings to turn it off, then find it later, is it safe to turn back on?
    It's important to take into consideration where your card was and who may have had access to it while it was out of your possession. While disabling your card prevents fraudulent transactions from coming through while the card is off, it does not prevent them from coming through once you've turned it back on. We recommend contacting us to request a new card if you're unsure of who may have had access to your card.
  6. Is this service available for all cards?
    Card Settings is available on all DCU cards except the DCU Business Visa Platinum and DCU Business Visa Platinum Plus cards.
  7. If I am enrolled in Card Settings, do I still need to notify DCU when I'm traveling?
    Yes, Travel Notifications, which can also be accessed within Digital Banking within the account details (through Manage in desktop) or under Account Services (at the bottom of the screen in the app), allow us to note your account that transactions may be coming in from areas outside of where you normally make purchases.
  8. Do Card Settings apply to both PIN and credit based transactions?
    Yes, any controls placed in Card Settings, including transaction limits,  will apply to PIN or credit-based transactions, with the exception of DCU ATMs.
  9. If a joint owner or authorized user is declined for a transaction due to controls set up in Card Settings, can they find out why they are being declined? Are they able to change these settings themselves or will this need to be handled by the primary account holder?
    Joint owners and authorized users may be informed for the reason their card is being declined if it is due to Card Setting controls. In order to change a setting so a joint owner or authorized user can complete a transaction, we will need to first speak with the primary account holder.
  10. Do geographic settings restrict online purchases from international merchants?
    No, geographic settings do not restrict online purchases from international merchants, they only impact in-person transactions.
  11. Can I block transactions from specific merchants?
    No, you cannot block transactions from specific merchants. However, you can block general categories such as health/beauty, grocery stores, and more.