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DCU Cares Disaster Recovery Program

DCU Cares Program

Helping members when disaster strikes.

DCU Cares

DCU’s primary focus is to always be here for our members and their families in their time of need. Our team is fully prepared to help DCU members impacted by natural disasters.

To better assist and answer any questions that you may have about the various financial programs we implement when a natural disaster strikes, please contact us.

As always, DCU associates are ready to assist members who may be experiencing unexpected financial hardships or have questions regarding their accounts.

In Fall of 2018, DCU established the DCU Cares program to relieve some of the stress caused by financial obligations for those in disaster situations. Since its inception, this program has supported members during the Merrimack Valley gas explosions, Hurricanes Florence and Michael, wildfires in California, and tornadoes & flooding in the central and midwestern states.

Through this effort, eligible members receive automatic reimbursements for ATM transaction fees and waivers on overdraft fees. In addition, those needing financial assistance in recovery and reconstruction are offered interest-free loan options. During 2019, DCU made over 60 emergency loans totaling more than $265K.

Members were also provided direct access to BALANCE, which offers personalized counseling and online resources. 

*Please note: Because ATM transaction fees come from outside the DCU network, we are unable to waive them in real time. As a result, all ATM transaction fees will be refunded by the end of the month in which the fees were incurred. Thank you for your understanding.