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Account Manager

Managing your DCU account relationship online anytime


  • Access via link in Online Banking
  • Receive secure messages about your DCU accounts
  • Accept preapproved loan offers
  • Learn your current Checking benefits level
  • See Visa® transaction authorizations before they clear
  • Sign Up for DCU Text Alerts
  • Update your address, phone, and email
  • Order wire transfers and set up Member to Member Transfers
  • Manage your checking, certificate, credit card, debit card, and other accounts
  • Check mortgage application status and apply for loans  

Account Manager Details  

Account Manager is a convenient tool to do so many things with your DCU accounts. To access it, just click on Account Manager inside Online Banking.

Here is a list of what Account Manager can help you request, find out, and do...


  • Accept Preapproved Loans – If you are already preapproved for a DCU Visa Platinum Card or an Auto, Boat, or RV Loan, we'll let you know here so you can accept the offer immediately.
  • Messages in your Inbox – We'll tell you how many new messages you have.
  • Checking Benefit Status – We'll tell you the level of Checking Account benefits you are currently receiving – Member, Plus, or Relationship.
  • View Pending Authorizations – See transactions approved on your DCU Visa credit and debit cards that have not yet cleared.


Secure personalized messages from DCU to you about...

  • Account notices – Such as certificate maturity notices.
  • Special messages – We'll occasionally keep you updated on new or existing services you may like.
  • Service updates – We'll give you advance notices about maintenance outages or product changes that may affect you.
  • Educational stories – These include ways to get the most from your money or protect yourself from fraud.

My Profile

  • Update Address – Update your mailing address. Changes take effect immediately.
  • Update Phone Numbers – Update or add phone numbers, including office and mobile numbers.
  • Update Email – A correct email address is essential for you to receive important notices.

Sign Up for DCU Text Alerts

  • Receive alerts on your DCU accounts via text message
  • Alerts are triggered by certain events
  • Sign-up for as many alerts as you like
  • DCU Text Alerts is a free service for members (data rates may apply)
  • Sign up through Online Banking in Account Manager
  • Review your text alerts archive
  • Get More Details on DCU Text Alerts

Document Sharing/Storage

  • Upload File to DCU – Upload documents needed for your DCU Mortgage application, DCU Insurance, or other DCU department.
  • My Documents – View documents you previously uploaded for DCU, or documents shared to you from DCU.


  • People Pay – A convenient and secure way to transfer money to a person at another financial institution.
  • Payment Center – A convenient and secure way to move money into DCU and to make payments and transfers to your DCU Accounts.
  • Balance Transfers – Transfer credit card balances from your other institutions to your DCU Visa Credit Card.
  • Member to Member Transfers – Set up the ability to transfer funds from your DCU accounts to those of other members. Once you do, those accounts will be added to your "TO" account lists in Online and Mobile Banking.
  • Wire Transfers – Order both Domestic and International wire transfers from your DCU accounts to accounts at other institutions.

Manage Accounts

  • Account Information – Find DCU's routing number (ABA number) and the cross reference number (Share Draft Conversion Number) for applicable accounts.
  • Check Orders – Allows you to access Harland Clarke’s website to order customized checks for your account.
  • Checking Benefit – We'll tell you the level of Checking Account benefits you are currently receiving – Member, Plus, or Relationship.
  • Direct Deposit – Creates a form you can share with your employer for payroll direct deposit to accounts you choose.
  • HSA Contribution Form – Use this form to authorize a contribution to an existing HSA account at DCU.
  • IRA Contribution Form – Use this form to authorize a contribution to an existing DCU IRA.
  • Online Deposit Slip – Use to create a slip required if you will make a deposit by mail.
  • Payoff Calculator – Use to obtain a loan payoff amount letter on a chosen date.
  • Account Activity Letter – Use to create a report of account activity since the last monthly statement.
  • Paid Loan Letter – Use to create a letter that verifies your DCU loan(s) has been paid in full.
  • Verification of Deposit Letter – Use to create a Verification of Deposit (VOD) letter.
  • Add Joint Owner to your Account – Use this form to add a Joint Owner to an existing account.
  • Earn More – Use this form to activate our Earn More feature on eligible accounts, and to check your status.
  • Free FICO Score – Sign up to receive your FREE Equifax FICO® Credit Score.
  • Stop Payment – Use this form to place a Stop Payment on both checks and ACH electronic items.
  • Overdraft Payment Service – Read and choose overdraft payment options for your checking accounts.
  • Printable Forms – This is where you can find all our printable forms in one convenient location
  • Title Services – This is where you can submit an online request for a Lien Satisfaction Letter and/or a Duplicate Title Application.
  • Certificate Add Funds Authorization – Request a transfer to add funds to your DCU Certificate at maturity or before (if permitted on that account).
  • Change the Certificate Term – Request a change to the term of a maturing DCU Certificate Account.
  • Withdraw Funds from Certificate – Request some or all of the funds of your DCU Certificate be withdrawn before or at maturity. Dividend penalties apply to withdrawal of principal before maturity.

New Loan Status

Allow you to track the status of an open DCU Mortgage or Home Equity Loan application.

Apply for a loan

  • Loan Applications – Apply for a new consumer loan. It's fast with much of the information already filled for you.
  • Preapproved Offers – Accept any preapproved credit card, auto, boat, or RV loans for which you qualify.

Visa / Debit Services

  • Card Settings  – Control your Card Settings options.
  • Dispute a Transaction ACH – Use this form to report a fraudulent or unauthorized ACH transaction involving either a Pre-Authorized Withdrawal or Direct Deposit from a savings or checking account.
  • Dispute a Transaction ATM – Use to report an error with an ATM Transaction.
  • Dispute a Transaction VISA – Use to report any DCU® Visa Credit Card, DCU Visa Check Card, or DCU ATM Card transaction on your statement that you are disputing.
  • Pending Authorizations – See transactions approved on your DCU Visa credit and debit cards that have not yet cleared.
  • Travel Notifications – If you’ll be traveling outside of where you typically use your DCU cards, let us know in advance to prevent blocking or denying your transactions for security purposes.
  • Platinum Rewards – If you carry the DCU Visa Platinum Rewards card, you can see up-to-date Reward Points here.
  • Replacement Card – Order replacement DCU credit, debit, or ATM cards if the card stops working. Do not use if the card was lost or stolen.
  • Mobile Wallet Service Request – Use to submit a request to DCU to activate, deactivate, or resume a Mobile Wallet service for your DCU Debit or Credit Cards.
  • Mobile Wallet Service Request History  – Use to review token management history.

DCU Insurance

  • A quick link and guide for DCU Insurance.

DCU Realty

  • A quick link and guide for DCU Realty.

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Contact Us

  • Ask DCU – View a database of frequently asked questions.
  • Email DCU – A secure, encrypted way to contact us – safer than ordinary email.

Account Manager Support

Account Manager is an easy-to-use, self-service product. If you encounter problems or have questions on using Account Manager, please contact our Information Center at 508.263.6700 or 800.328.8797, weekdays from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, ET.