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What Can DCU Save You?

DCU Scholarship for High School Seniors

DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union) recognizes the lifetime value of a college education. The DCU Memorial Scholarship Program was designed to assist outstanding students with the cost of this education. We want to recognize your hard work and promote your goals, too. Beginning in November of 2016, students in their senior year of high school who would be attending a state or nationally accredited college or university in the fall of 2017 were able to apply for the Annual DCU Memorial Scholarship Program. Scholarships were awarded on academic merit, teachers’ references, an original essay, awards and recognition, and extracurricular and community service activities. An impartial panel of college educators judged the participants’ entries. In 2017, DCU awarded $100,000 in Scholarships and all funds were distributed through the DCU for Kids Foundation.

2017 $2,500 DCU Scholarship Winners:

  • Alexa Nicole Ahrens – Racine, WI
  • Sai Allu – Sharon, MA
  • Mohamed Aly – Tulsa, OK
  • Pierce Christian Burgin – Sewell, NJ
  • Sheryl Chen – Brooklyn, NY
  • Nusaybah Michael Estes – Louisville, KY
  • Kaylin Gaudette – Schellsburg, PA
  • Tatyana Hughes – Silver Spring, MD
  • Lalitha Madduri, – Ellicott City, MD
  • Isabelle Ramey – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Nidha Sha – Allen, TX
  • Olivia Zietz – Murfreesboro, NJ

2017 $2,000 DCU Scholarship Winners:

  • Klara Beel – Marble Hill, MO
  • Benjamin Burstein – Miami Beach, FL
  • Rafael Castro – Lutz, FL
  • Vaishnavi Dhulkhed– Piscataway, NJ
  • Mallika Jain – San Jose, CA
  • Joshua Kaplan – Phoenix, AZ
  • Bryce Kreiser– Folsom, CA
  • Justin Ivan Lepiten – Cumming, GA
  • Delanie Ludmir – Aventura, FL
  • Marlies Michielssen – Ann Arbor,MI
  • Sejal Mohankumar Kargal – Tracy, CA
  • Faris Qubain – Miami, FL
  • Prem Sakala – Portland, OR
  • Varun Srikanth – Hilliard, OH
  • Rebekah Torgesen – Great Mills, MD
  • Renita Wilson – Olathe, KS
  • Eric Xia – Madison, CT

2017 $1,500 DCU Scholarship Winners:

  • Kristen Taylor Paige Blake – Bowie, MD
  • Alex Bradfield – Louisville, CO
  • Caitlyn Anne Coffey – Penfield, NY
  • SaVanna Lynne DeLongchamp – Beaumont, CA
  • Benjamin Robert Desrochers – Hudson, NH
  • Peyton Elmore – Moore, SC
  • Sabahat Fatima – Catonsville, MD
  • Taylor Goodman-Leong – Westford, MA
  • Elizabeth Dianne Korte – Virginia Beach, VA
  • Frances Licia M. Ladaga – Landover, MD
  • Paulina Martin – Mansfield, MA
  • Mikayla Moore – Lewisville, TX
  • Zachary Naim West – Jackson, TN
  • Braden Raun Trejo – Austin, TX
  • Audrey Rivers – East Syracuse, NY
  • Amanda Shafer – Elmhurst, IL
  • Mazzen S. Shalaby – Fredericksburg, VA
  • Adley Spayd – Ferdinand,IN
  • Adriana Torrez – Albuquerque, NM
  • Siang Tseng – Ellicott City, MD
  • Trinity Turlington – Oviedo, FL
  • Autumn Turner – Charleston, SC
  • BreeAnna Bailey – Ossian, IN
  • Jason Whang – Helotes, TX

Congratulations to all of the winners!

2016-2017 Entry Information:

- All entries must have been submitted electronically through the online scholarship portal.
- Applications and all supporting materials were due on or before Friday, March 3, 2017 at 3pm (EST). All materials must have been uploaded and submitted by the deadline date and time. Any materials received after the deadline date were not considered for review.

2016-2017 Schedule of Events:

  • Wednesday, November 30, 2016 – Applications were available.
  • Friday, March 3, 2017 at 3pm (EST) – Applications and all supporting materials must have been submitted through the online scholarship portal.
  • April/May 2017 – Judging took place.
  • Beginning of May 2017 – Judging concluded and scholarships awarded. Those selected will be contacted by phone and/or email. Names of those selected will be posted on this page.

2016-2017 Official Rules:

  1. Judging Criteria – The winning students were the ones judged most likely to excel in college as determined by an impartial panel of college educators. They based their judgments on the following factors: a transcript of your high school grades for senior year (to date) and junior year (full year), academic merit, two written letters of reference from any junior or senior class teachers and/or guidance counselors, an essay judged on the quality of writing and the reasoning used, awards and recognition, extracurricular and community service activities.
  2. Entry Qualifications – To enter, the student must have been a graduating high school senior and be planning to attend a state-accredited or nationally-accredited two or four-year college or university. DCU employees, volunteers, and their immediate family members were ineligible.
  3. The Essay – The essay should answer "Why I should receive a DCU Scholarship" and be no more than 300 words in length. The essay appeared as a question within the application. Please noter that a DCU membership had no bearing on whether or not you received a scholarship. Scholarships are based on the judging criteria outlined in section one of the official rules.
  4. Schedule – Applications and all supporting materials (including transcripts and letters of recommendation) must have been received through the online scholarship portal by 3pm (EST) on Friday, March 3rd, 2017. Applications and materials received after the deadline date and time were not reviewed. Winners will be contacted by phone and/or email in early May.
  5. Publicity – By entering winners agree to have their names published in DCU newsletters, signs, website, and news releases announcing the results at DCU's discretion.
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