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Personal and Business Banking

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DCU’s Online Banking platform is one of our busiest branches with over 400,000 members accessing their accounts on an annual basis. Providing members, a great digital user experience is key to delivering a first-rate friction-free, secure digital banking experience.

As we continue to enhance how members access their accounts via Online Banking, we’re excited to announce that we've upgraded to a Responsive Design platform.

To now access Online Banking from your mobile device, select the following link.

The biggest and best benefit of this upgrade is that it will allow for our Online Banking platform to automatically and seamlessly adjust to fit the screen on the device you are using, regardless if it is a desktop computer, cell phone, or tablet!

Additional new features include:

  • The ability to reorder your accounts to display in your preferred setup
  • The ability to edit Schedule Recurring Transfers (SRTs)
  • Full functionality when accessing Online Banking through your mobile device; this means that even when you can't access Online Banking via a desktop computer, you'll still be able to use all Online Banking services and functions.

Responsive Design FAQs

Q) Can accounts be hidden?
A) At this time, responsive design does not support collapsing accounts. You may instead reorder your accounts, having preferred accounts listed at the top.

Q) How can I reorder my accounts?
A) By selecting Settings, an Account Preferences page will open. Reviewing the list of accounts available, you can drag and drop the Icon to drag and drop account order icon and order your accounts. Once you have arranged your accounts, the new order will autosave. By remaining on the page for a moment, a popup will state the change has been saved.

Q) Where did the Account Manager icon in the header navigation bar go?
A) The Account Manager icon is no longer available in Responsive Design. Account Manager can still be accessed by hovering over the Account Manager tab on the far right of the header and clicking on “Account Manager Home”.

Q) How can you access “Home” in Account Manager?
A) Hover over Account Manager in the Navigation bar and click on “Account Manager Home”.

Q) Can Schedule Recurring Transfers (SRTs) be edited?
A) Yes, with the new Online Banking design, the functionality to edit SRTs has been added.

Q) I’ve started a transfer, but do not want to complete it; how do I cancel?
A) By selecting the “Go to Accounts” option on the move money screen, you will return to the homepage without performing a transfer.

Q) I’m trying to manually add custom dates in transaction history, why am I unable to type the slash?
A) The “/” is not needed, custom dates can be entered with just the numeric value.

Q) How far back does Quick Peek go?
A) Quick Peek allows you to view the most recent transactions on their account; it goes back either one month, or 10-line items, whichever comes first.

Q) Where is the full navigation bar when you log in to Online Banking on a mobile device?
A) Limited options are presented up front to make sure the display remains consistent. To view all options that you when accessing Online Banking via your mobile device, access the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Q) Is there anything different I need to do to access my accounts via Online Banking?
A) Nothing has changed to access your accounts. From, enter your member number and password as you’ve done in the past.

Q) How can I tell if there is a message in my inbox?
A) On the homepage there is a “Account Manager Quick Access” field, which a Inbox messages icon icon is displayed. If you have a new inbox message, this will be indicated by the number of inbox messages unread.

Q) Why is my information not in the upper right-hand corner?
A) Personal information is no longer displayed in the upper right-hand corner. To check contact information, please select “My Settings”

Q) How do you log out when using Online Banking on a mobile device?
A) Select menu icon in the upper right-hand corner and chose “log out” at the bottom of the drop down menu.