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Select on the title to view recent issues of Show Me, the newsletter for teens and young adults, that talks about real life money situations for members 13 through 22 also sent out monthly in statements. Or choose Barnyard Cents Quarterly, the fun and educational newsletter for kids up to age 13 sent out each quarter in their statements.

Please note that the information in these newsletters was current at the time of publication and may no longer be accurate. This is especially true with savings rates, loan rates, and special offers. Please refer to other portions of our web site for the most up to date information.

The Barnyard Cents newsletter is in .pdf format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Show Me is in HTML.

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Barnyard Cents Newsletter
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Show Me Newsletter

Show Me May 2019 Newsletter

  • How Do I Build A Budget?
  • Smart Tips For Setting Financial Goals
  • Make Some Extra Money!

Show Me April 2019 Newsletter

  • How Do You Build Credit?
  • Good Credit: How To Achieve It And Why It's So Important
  • Credit Cards: A Beginner's Guide
  • How To Check Your Credit Report

Show Me March 2019 Newsletter

  • Your Guide to Student Loans
  • Be Prepared For Hidden College Costs

Show Me February 2019 Newsletter

  • Start Saving Now: Why It's So Important
  • What's an Emergency Fund?
  • Budgeting to Reach Your Financial Goals
  • Show Your Savings Some Love

Show Me January 2019 Newsletter

  • College Scholarships 101
  • A College Student's Checklist for Managing Money
  • 5 Great Ways to Save Money
  • 2019 Board Nominees and Annual Meeting

Show Me December 2018 Newsletter

  • Fun Ways To Ring In The New Year!
  • 5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Debit Card
  • Why Do We Pay Taxes, Anyway?
  • Healthy Choices For You And Your Savings

Show Me November 2018 Newsletter

  • Reasons To Be Thankful For Credit Union Membership
  • Choosing A Career Path: Traditional vs. Freelance
  • What's The Value Of $10
  • 5 Money Saving Tips For Teens

Show Me October 2018 Newsletter

  • Quiz: What's Your Money Personality?
  • Ready, Set, Go! Navigating A Vehicle Purchase
  • Stay In Shape Without The Gym
  • 5 Steps To Help Set A Budget

Show Me September 2018 Newsletter

  • Explore Your Career Choices
  • What to Consider Before Refinancing a Student Loan
  • Homeownership: Will You Be Ready?
  • Saving Is Simple With These 5 Ideas!

Show Me August 2018 Newsletter

  • Rein in Your Finances with a Spending Plan
  • Make the Most of Mobile Banking
  • 4 Ways to Build up Your Emergency Savings
  • 5 Tips for Financial Health

Show Me July 2018 Newsletter

  • Should You Buy Or Lease A Car?
  • Tricks To Save More Money
  • Tips for Splitting the Bill
  • 7 Free Summer Fun Ideas

Show Me June 2018 Newsletter

  • Supercharge Your Savings!
  • Steer Clear of Moving Scams
  • How Does Education Level Affect Income?
  • How to Budget Your Money

Barnyard Cents Newsletter

Barnyard Cents Quarterly Spring 2019 Newsletter

  • Help Out and Have Fun! Spring Cleaning Chore Chart
  • 7 Fun Facts About Rainbows
  • Find the Pot O' Gold

Barnyard Cents Quarterly Summer 2018 Newsletter

  • How much does it cost for dinner?
  • Start a journal this summer
  • Go buggy!

Barnyard Cents Quarterly Fall 2018 Newsletter

  • What is a budget?
  • Easy holiday gift ideas
  • Toy shop mixup

Barnyard Cents Quarterly Winter 2019 Newsletter

  • A Fun Idea For Family Game Night
  • 5 Fun Nickel Facts
  • Who Is On Each Coin?

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