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Personal and Business Banking

Free Financial Literacy Education

DCU Provides Assistance for Youth Financial Literacy

One of DCU's biggest concerns is the financial literacy of Americans. For us to achieve our vision that all members achieve their financial goals collaboratively, financial education is absolutely essential. Some of this education can occur in classrooms and DCU is prepared to help.

DCU partners with EVERFI, a leading financial technology company, to bring financial education curriculum to local high school students. EVERFI’s technology platform teaches, assesses and certifies students in critical life skills. Through the DCU/EverFi partnership, students receive this valuable education at no cost to the school. Topics covered include budgeting; borrowing; financial planning; credit; fraud and ID theft; and how to use a checking account.

These modules cover information in a fun way so that the students get involved with learning about how to be more prepared for the financial challenges ahead. We bring our experience from DCU into the classrooms and share our knowledge with the students. They get comfortable with us, become involved in the discussions, and put together pieces of the financial puzzle that may not have been apparent for them otherwise.

There are three main purposes of this program:

  1. To teach the financial planning process – What it is and what it can do for students.
  2. Give students practice with this process – Through exercises and assignments provided in the program, students will have an opportunity to apply the principles they learn.
  3. To encourage them to take control of their finances – It's never too early to start.

This program is strictly non-commercial in content. It does not promote financial or other products.


If your school system is located in Eastern MA or in Southern NH and you are interested in having us work with you, please contact DCU by emailing [email protected]*:

* Please note that ordinary email is not secure. You should avoid including any sensitive personal or financial information. Contact DCU directly with specific questions concerning your account or membership.

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