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How to Use Online Check Deposit with a Computer and Scanner

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Transcript: How to Use Online Check Deposit with a Computer and Scanner

DCU's online deposit. Fast. Easy. Secure. With DCU's online deposit, you'll never have to buy stamps, mail in checks or drive to a branch again.

Just log in to online banking from your desktop computer, Under the deposits tab, select "Online Deposit." Once registered, accept the terms and conditions and you're good to go.

First, endorse the back of the check or checks, date, include your member number and write "For DCU Deposit Only via"

Select your scanner, enter the amount of your deposit, then scan the front and back of each check. Be sure all the information on the check is visible, the total amount and actual amount match, and there are no image quality errors.

If there are or you make a mistake, no big deal. Just go back and do over.

Now click "Submit" to continue to the deposit review. Make note of your deposit reference number and click "OK." Just make sure to keep the check in a safe place for sixty days.

Checks submitted and approved prior to the end of the business day will be credited to your account the same day.

So save time and money on gas and stamps with DCU online deposit.