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How to Use Mobile Check Deposit with a Smartphone or Tablet

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Transcript: How to Use Mobile Check Deposit with a Smartphone or Tablet

DCU mobile check deposit. Fast. Easy. Secure. Whether it's a birthday check, a bonus check, or an overdue I.O.U., DCU's mobile check deposit lets you deposit a check in seconds, anytime, anywhere.

Just log in from your smartphone or tablet. Once you accept the terms and conditions, select "deposit" then choose the account where you want the money to go. Now, just key in the amount and tap "Done". Then place your check on a flat, solid colored surface with good lighting. Make sure all four corners of the check are neatly tucked inside the green guidelines and just snap the photo.

If everything looks clear, select "Next" and follow the exact same steps with the back of your check. Just be sure to endorse, date, include your member number, and write "for DCU deposit only via" before you take the photo. If the image looks clear and readable, tap "Next" to verify your deposit.

If it doesn't or you make a mistake, no big deal. Just go back and do over.

You are now ready to submit your deposit and get on with your busy day. Just make sure to keep your check in a safe place for 60 days. Checks submitted and approved prior to the end of the business day will be credited to your account the same day.

DCU mobile check deposit. Makes depositing a check a snap.