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How to Log In to Mobile Banking for the First Time

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Transcript: How to Log In to Mobile Banking for the First Time

Logging in to DCU's mobile banking for the first time? Welcome.

Well, it may not be as memorable as your first pet, or your first car. It will make managing your money a lot easier.

Step 1: Download the DCU mobile banking app on your smartphone or tablet. Tap to open, and log in by keying in your member number and the same password you used for DCU online banking. If you haven't logged in to online banking before, you'll need to do this first.

DCU mobile banking also gives you the option to remember your member number and to enable touch ID if your phone has this feature. This will make logging in to DCU mobile banking the next time even simpler.

You're now able to access all your DCU accounts, plus deposit checks, pay bills, transfer money, and more, anytime you want.

DCU Mobile Banking. Your financial life will never be the same.