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Information Needed for Planning

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Overview of Estate Information Needed

  • A detailed list of of what you'll need to plan your estate
  • A link to our Estate Planning Checklist

Information needed to plan your estate

  • Any real estate you own (such as your home) and its approximate value.
  • Savings — bank accounts, money market accounts, CDs

    List the amounts and the financial institutions where they are deposited.

  • Investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds.

    Identify the investments, amounts, and where the accounts are located.

  • Retirement accounts such as 401(k), IRA, pension, Keogh accounts, government benefits, profit sharing plans.

    Identify the accounts, amounts, and where the accounts are located.

  • Life insurance policies and annuities.

    List the account balances, issuer, owner, beneficiaries, and any amounts borrowed against the policies.

  • Motor vehicles such as cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, etc.
  • List the co-owner for any jointly owned property.
  • List the amounts and sources of your income, including interest, dividends, and other household income (such as your spouse's salary).
  • List the amounts and sources of all your debts.

    Include mortgages, credit cards, loans, leases, and business debts.

  • List the value of any jewelry, collections, heirlooms, furniture, and any other personal property.
  • List the names, addresses, and birth dates of your spouse, children, and any other relatives whom you might include in your will.

    If they have any disabilities or special needs list them too.

  • If you have young children, list the names, addresses, and phone numbers of possible guardians.
  • List the names, addresses, and phone numbers of executors or trustees.
  • Gather together any documents that might affect your estate plan.

    Include any prenuptial agreements, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, recent tax returns, existing wills and trusts, property deeds.

Estate Planning Checklist

Make sure to use our Estate Planning Checklist