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Retirement Guide

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Retirement Guide

What is retirement? The day you end your career at “the company”? The day you receive your first Social Security check or take your first IRA/401K withdrawal? Some other event? Probably not. Today's Americans, more than previous generations, view retirement as an active journey filled with new opportunities.

Americans who make it to age 65, for example, have a great chance to live well into their eighties — that's what the census statistics show. That means many people will experience “retirements” that last as long as “working careers.” Enjoying those years is just one reason to start planning ahead.

Planning for retirement is about more than making sure that you have enough money, important as the financial foundation is. .

Our discussion and sites to which we've provided links provide information to help you understand issues related to retirement planning but the information is not intended as investment, tax, or legal advice. For advice on your specific questions you may wish to consult a qualified financial, tax, or legal professional.