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Retiring in a Specialized Community

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Perhaps you've decided that you want to move to an active-adult/retirement community. Because the number of housing developments designed for adults over fifty is increasing, there may be several options to choose from in your current or chosen community.

What to look for in a retirement community

When deciding on a retirement community, list what you are looking for and then prioritize the list. Here's a sampling of things to consider:

  • Do you want to stay in your current area?

    If not, where do you want to go? A coastal community, desert community, north, south, east or west?

  • Do you want to be close to family members?
  • What activities and facilities does the community have?
  • What type of housing is available?

    Single homes, condominiums, apartments? Single or multi-story?

  • Do the available floor plans meet your needs?
  • What kind of services are available?

    Lawn maintenance, house maintenance, personal assistance?

  • Close to medical facilities?
  • Are restaurants close by or are meals available?

The StreetWise Home Buying Guide can help you find the right community.