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Misleading Mail Offers

Privacy Protection and Fraud Prevention

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Misleading Mail Offers

If you've ever opened a mortgage or home equity loan, chances are good you've received mail that promoted mortgage insurance or some other loan service that you thought was from DCU. However, if it did not have our logo, it was not from us and we didn't authorize it. These types of misleading mail offers are becoming increasingly common and may make you question the security of you personal information. You may wonder, "Who sold my information to a mailing list?" You may even suspect your financial institution. In this case, it's your local government that's been pawning your privacy.

Public Information about Private Matters By Law

At DCU, we value your trust and take significant steps to protect your privacy. We never sell our mailing lists or the financial information of our members.

All financial institutions, are required to disclose personal financial information to the local government agency that handles land records. When you got a mortgage, refinance your mortgage, or get a home equity loan, this includes your name, the lender's name, the property address, the purchase price, and the loan.

Once this information is recorded, it becomes public record and is usually accessible by anyone. Mailing list companies compile and sell this information to other firms who may use it to market products such as mortgage insurance and mortgage refinancing. Some state agencies may also sell motor vehicle information to marketers and automotive companies.

How to Protect Yourself

Be wary of any offer that mentions DCU, but does not have the DCU logo or address. Although the offer mentions our name, the company is probably not affiliated with our institution. Please report anything suspicious to DCU so that we can take action if necessary. You may also consider writing your government representative about curtailing the selling of public records.

If you have any questions see DCU's Privacy Policy.