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16.  Purchasing a Home

Home Buying Guide

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16.  Purchasing a Home

You've found a home that you like—and it fits your needs and budget. It's time to make an offer. But are you ready? Before you fill in the blanks on your buyer's offer to purchase form, you need to carefully consider what terms and contingencies to include. Although your buyer's agent can help you with these (if you are working with one), having a basic understanding of some of these considerations is a must.

After you make your offer on a home, the seller typically will make a counter offer. It's time to negotiate. What are some aspects of negotiating successfully? Again, your buyer's agent can help, but you can't beat some basic preparation on your part.

Then, once the seller and you've agreed on the price and contract, there are the home inspection, obtaining a mortgage, the property appraisal, and fulfilling any other terms or contingencies of the contract leading up to closing.

Now we'll review the various aspects of purchasing the home you've found.

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