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What Type of Engine?

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What Type of Engine?

Outboard or inboard? Gas or diesel? Four-stroke or two-stroke? The choice of engine and engine type dramatically impacts your pocketbook. Because many boat manufacturers are allied with engine manufacturers, these companies are always trying to limit your choice of engines to their partners. How do you know what's best for you?

Manufacturers' websites

Don't expect the seller of any engine to tell you to buy some other manufacturer's engine. But the engine manufacturers do give you specifications, including fuel consumption. The manufacturers' sites also give you a chance to see the different types of engines available to you. For instance, what are the advantages of four-stroke over two-stroke? Here are links to key outboard engine companies.

Boating magazines

Many boating magazines provide useful comparisons of various outboard and inboard engines as well as general boat reviews.

Independent resources

Several independent authorities such as marine surveyors and technicians can help educate you about marine engines (and lots of other topics, too). Try these for a starter:

  • Marine surveyor David Pascoe offers over 150 articles on boats and boating including a number on marine engines.

  • Mastertech Outboard Motor Repair offers clear explanations of how four-stroke and two-stroke marine engines work and advantages of each.

  • OutboardMotor.Net allows you to access the specs of a number of outboard marine engines, making comparison easier. Be aware that this site is part of, a commercial site interested in selling boats and products.