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Need help with the car-buying process?

StreetWise Auto Buying Resources

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Do you want help on the whole car-buying process?

The car business can at times be filled with a lot of pressure and deception – something you know if you've shopped for many cars. But StreetWise does away with the pressure and deception and provides you unbiased answers to important questions. For instance...

  1. What can you really afford to buy?

  2. What vehicles out there, new or used, are really safe and mechanically reliable?

  3. Who really has the cheapest overall price?

  4. StreetWise helps you with all these answers and more.

So how do your start becoming a smart shopper?

Review our online interactive StreetWise Auto Buying Guide. After you do, download the printable version. The guide is a handy workbook. You can literally check off each step in the buying process as you complete it, fill in the blanks, and, for a change, control what's happening to you in the auto process. Reading this guide is the most important step you can take in the car buying process. It shows you how to negotiate with the dealer and get the best deal you can.