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Calculate Available Cash

This calculator is designed to help you determine the maximum amount you have available to spend on a car and the estimated loan amount to reach that number. Fill in the information requested and select Compute.

If the amount of Available Cash seems too small for the kind of car you would like to purchase, try extending the term. The same payment over a longer term will typically result in a higher initial loan amount, increasing your Available Cash.

To estimate the value of your trade, you can visit a number of websites, but review their privacy policies and know that dealerships typically fund their operations. NADA – National Auto Dealers Association is one we use. Current rates and terms for DCU Vehicle Loans are available on our Auto Loans page.

Available Cash Calculator



This calculator is solely for informational purposes. It gives you reasonably accurate results of car your Available Cash. Results for your actual loan will vary based on your final rate and loan amount.


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