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StreetWise Resource Guide for with Disabilities

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From a trip across town to a trip around the world, accessible travel information and options abound on the Internet. This guide will give you travel resources in numerous areas including programs, equipment, international travel, and travel communities for persons with disabilities. This guide will help you answer questions and make travel plans.


General Travel Resources

These sites provide plenty of detailed travel information.

MossRehab Disability Travel Resources is an excellent resource for travel tips and facing the challenges ahead. Links in this section provide information and tips on travel, cruise, and driving. There are also resources by physical conditions with organizations, web resources and publications to help.

Emerging Horizons is a magazine about accessible travel with several subscription options. Selected articles are featured on the site. The site also has a travel resources database that is updated monthly. Resource listings include destinations, free access guide, lodging, medical travel, products and services, reading list, recreation, and transportation. Each resource has a detailed description and a link.

The Handicapped Travel Club site has information on RV traveling. The campground info link has detailed information on accessible campgrounds nationwide. Resource info has data provided by club members on RV manufacturers, RV rentals, used RV ads, and RV conversions.

Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions from the Transportation Security Administration.

Travel Programs

The following is a sampling of the sites providing tours, travel planning, and home exchanges.

Trips Inc. Special Adventures provides travel outings for adults of various abilities. Trips are designed for persons with developmental disabilities, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, seizure disorder, physical handicaps and other special needs. Visit the site and read about city tours, cruises, holiday trips, international tours, music trips, outdoor adventures, sports trips, theme park trips, and warm weather fun trips.

Accessible Journeys provides escorted tours for groups and trip planning for individuals. They can also provide travel companions. This site provides a little bit of everything: cruises, property rentals, travel tips, and community. This is a worldwide organization with offices in several international cities plus contacts in numerous locations.

Mobility International USA has international exchange programs. The site has the national clearinghouse on disability and exchange, international exchange programs, international development and disability information. It also has an online store & free resources including brochures and booklets.

Equipment Useful for Travel

Accessible Transportation Rentals

Wheelchair Getaways rents wheelchair accessible vans nationwide. Rent on a daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term basis.

Accessible Vans of America rents and sells both full-sized and lowered floor minivans through a national owner-operator dealer network.

ScootAround offers scooter, wheelchair and powerchair rentals nationwide.

Accessible RVs

Winnebago Ability Equipped RVs are outfitted to meet the needs of persons who have physical limitations. Features include wheelchair lifts, roll-in showers, roll under sinks, convenient controls and more.

Wheelchair Travel Cases

Haseltine Systems Corporation makes cases for protecting wheelchairs in aircraft cargo holds. Cases are available for manual chairs and for motorized chairs and scooters. There is a very helpful FAQ provided.

International Resources

These sites provide tours and/or planning assistance for international travel.

Accessible Europe is a site put together by European travel agents who specialize in accessible tourism services. The site has many categories of programs to choose from. You can also select a country or other criteria to start with.

Wheelchair Travel provides transportation services to persons in the UK or visiting from overseas. Their services are for the solo traveler, family, or small group, who want to plan their own itinerary.

Accessible Japan is a travel guide for wheelchair users. It provides detailed information about points of interest, lodging, transportation. The Useful Information section is very informative.

Travel Community

These are sites with information primarily provided by travelers themselves.

Disabled World offers travelers a place to share their experiences. Sections include travel archives, travel e-zine, travel books, accessible accommodations, trip planning, travel warnings and disability links.

Gimp on the Go provides travel reviews from both the Gimp on the Go himself and readers. There are also tips and shorts.