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Ensuring Mobility

StreetWise Resource Guide for People with Disabilities

  • Summary
  • Scooters
  • Ramps
  • Lifts/Elevators
  • Public Transport

Ensuring Mobility

Mobility — being able to move around with ease. Among the many aspects of enhancing mobility, this section focuses primarily on mobility through transportation.

A good starting point for mobility information is the Silver Cross web site. It provides information to help select an accessibility lift or mobility device. The product comparison reports include key questions, key points, and comparison charts. Some of the products covered are stair lifts, home elevators, ceiling lifts, patient lifts, scooter lifts, electric scooters, and power wheelchairs. You can fill out an information request form to receive from a local affiliate, information about the availability and pricing of recycled products, low cost specials on new products, and if available local funding.


Start your search with a ABLEDATA search for scooters and scooter products. You will see types of scooters available from various manufacturers.

Here are just a few of the many scooter manufacturers.

Here are a few solutions for transporting a wheelchair or scooter.

  • TipTop Mobility has a roof-top wheelchair carrier for vehicles.

  • Braun offers a device which automatically folds and stores a conventional folding wheelchair in a cover that mounts on the top of a vehicle.

  • EZ-Access offers modular ramps and stairs, portable ramps, platform lifts, door openers, and bathroom safety products.

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps can make it easier to navigate less than accessible places. Start with the ABLEDATA site for a Ramp Product search. You will see many different types of ramps along with descriptions, pricing and availability.

The following manufacturers offer several types of portable ramps.

  • EZ-Access Portable Ramps include suitcase, tri-fold, roll-up, threshold, and track ramps. The site also has an incline chart to help determine the right ramp.

  • AlumiRamp Inc has telescopic ramps, threshold ramps, folding ramps, quick ramp kit systems, and other ramp systems.

  • Handi-Ramp has both permanent and portable ramps. Their products include van ramps, galvanized steel ramps, aluminum ramps, portable ramps, threshold ramps, concrete deck ramp, suitcase ramps, and custom products.

  • Roll-A-Ramp makes lightweight portable ramps that roll up. They also make a folding ramps for full-size and mini-vans.

Lifts and Elevators

These are just a few of the companies that offer residential elevators, platform lifts, stairway lifts, and portable wheelchair lifts.

  • Ram Manufacturing products include wheel chair lifts and elevators.

  • Bruno Independent Living Aids has various mobility products. The stairway chairlifts include indoor and outdoor, straight and custom curved applications. Lifts for putting scooters, power chairs, and wheelchairs into cars, trucks, vans, mini-vans, and SUVs.

  • Savaria Concord manufactures inclined platform lifts, vertical platform lifts, stair lifts, stair chairs, automatic door openers and commercial and residential elevators.

  • Garaventa Lift manufactures inclined platform lifts, vertical platform lifts, portable wheelchair lifts, home elevators and evacuation chairs.

  • ThyssenKrupp Access manufactures vertical platform lifts, inclined platform lifts, residential and commercial elevators.

Public Transportation

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates accessible public transportation and also covers privately owned transportation services. Regulations issued by the Department of Transportation require that public transit vehicles and facilities be accessible. Some of these requirements specify that all new fixed-route public transit buses be accessible and that supplementary paratransit services be provided for those who cannot use fixed-route bus service.

Several web sites can help you locate transportation and mobility services in your area.

  • Easter Seals Project ACTION is a comprehensive database of accessible transit services in the United States. It contains public transit operators, accessible van rental companies, private bus/tour companies with accessible vehicles, accessible taxis, airport transportation, hotel-motel shuttles, and paratransit providers. The search is conducted by city.

  • The American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) Gateway to Public Transportation Links contains links to transportation systems and transportation related sites. You can look for transportation systems by state & local, by urbanized area, by mode, and university transportation systems. Links are also provided to intercity & multi-state transportation companies, international, advocacy groups, educational institution transportation programs, industry suppliers and U.S. government sites.

Guide to Transportation

Depending on where you live, your destination and your physical needs, transportation choices might include paratransit, accessible taxis, public transportation or volunteer drivers from nonprofit organizations or local government agencies.’s website has a broad range of resources about transportation-related issues.