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Payment Center

Conveniently move money into DCU to make payments and transfers

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Payment Center

Payment Center

  • Transfer money to your DCU accounts from other financial institutions
  • Make one-time or recurring payments and transfers to your DCU loans
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Easy access through Account Manager in Online Banking or our mobile app


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— vijayanil, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Payment Center Details

Payment Center is a convenient and secure way to move money into DCU and to make payments and transfers to your DCU Accounts. It puts you in control so your money is where you want it, when you want it there.

With Payment Center you can make Payments and Transfers:

From: To:
Remote Checking and Savings Accounts from other financial institutions DCU Loans, Credit Cards, Checking, Savings, and Money Market Accounts
DCU Checking, Savings, and Money Market Accounts DCU Credit Cards

How it Works

To get started simply login to Online Banking Account Manager and choose Payment Center which is located in the toolbar under Payments/Transfers. The Payment Center system has four links to help you schedule payments and electronic transfers.

  1. Add/Manage Remote Accounts: Add your Checking and Savings Accounts from other financial institutions. You can also View, Edit, or Delete your remote accounts whenever needed.

    Payment Center

  2. Make A Payment: Make payments between DCU and other financial institutions.

    Payment Center
  3. Manage Payments: View, Edit, or Delete your scheduled payments.

    Payment Center

  4. Payment History: Maintains a record of your processed payments.

    Payment Center


Transaction Fee
Make deposits to your DCU Loans, Credit Cards, Checking, Savings, and Money Market Accounts from other financial institutions FREE
Move money from your DCU Checking, Savings, and Money Market Accounts to your DCU Credit Cards FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change a recurring payment?
Yes, if your payment isn't already processing, Edit and Delete can be found under Manage Payments in Payment Center. If Edit and Delete are not available the payment is already processing and cannot be modified or canceled.

Q: Can I change a one-time payment?
A one-time payment set up to occur within 48 hours cannot be modified or canceled once it has been submitted.

Q: How much time will it take to process my payment?
A payment or transfer requires 48 business hours to process.

Q: What is a Routing Number?
A Routing Number is a nine digit number used to identify a financial institution. Routing Numbers can be found on the bottom left-hand side of your check or by contacting the financial institution. DCU's routing number is 211391825.

Q: What is a Remote Account?
A Remote Account is a savings or checking account that you may have at a separate financial institution outside of DCU.

Q: I have an ACH that was set up prior to Payment Center. How can I manage it myself?
If you have a DCU ACH already set up that you would prefer to manage yourself with Payment Center, please call us at 508.263.6700 or 800.328.8797 to cancel your existing ACH.

Q: Are there minimum and maximum payment and transfer amounts?
Yes, the minimum amount is $0.01 and the maximum amount is $2,500.00. The credit card payment maximum amount is your ending statement balance or $2,500.00 – whichever is greater.

Q: Can I pay more than the amount due on my loan?
Yes, you can pay twice the amount due. For example, if your loan payment is $300 per month, the maximum payment allowed is $600.

"Product is easy and accessible from anywhere, anytime"

Open quote I've been using Online Banking and Bill Payer since it was offered at DCU. Just like everything offered, it is user friendly, efficient, and saves me time. I also feel it is very secure and you do everything possible to protect my data. Close quote

— GG, S. Orleans, MA

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