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Online Banking Impact Calculator

How much might it save you and the environment?

Use this calculator to estimate how much your use of Online Banking and Online Deposit saves your money, time, and impact on the environment.

Some questions on how you do your banking...
Directions: Type your answer in the first field, then tab to the next field.
How often do you make a deposits at a branch or ATM? times a week
How far away is the branch or ATM? miles
How long does the round trip take (travel and lobby time)? minutes
What mileage do you get on vehicle? miles per gallon
What are you paying per gallon of gas? dollars per gallon

By making deposits online for one year, you will save...
your valuable time totalling hours and
gasoline totalling gallons
at a cost of .
In addition, you'll save the environment...
crude oil production totalling barrels and
greenhouse gas emissions totalling pounds
which is approximately the carbon dioxide consumed by trees each year.


• 19.6 gallons of gasoline produced per barrel of oil.

• 19.4 pounds of carbon dioxide produced per gallon of gasoline consumed.

• 330 pounds of carbon dioxide consumed per tree per year.

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