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Visa® Credit Card Transaction Alerts

Receive an alert whenever certain transactions happen

Visa Credit Card Transaction Alerts will notify you whenever certain transactions happen on your credit card based on parameters that you set yourself. This can be used to notify you of potentially unauthorized transactions, or to watch for a particular type of activity on your credit card(s).


Prevent Fraud – You know the types of transactions you usually make with your DCU Visa Credit Card so you'll know right away if the alert you receive is a transaction you've made. And if it isn't, you'll be able to contact us right away which will help resolve the issue quickly.

Convenience – You set the parameters in which to be notified which will means you won't receive any extra alerts for transactions that you might make every day such as gas or coffee.

Free – Simply sign up for Visa Credit Card Transaction Alerts through Online Banking in Account Manager, set your own parameters and you're done.


Service Fee
Overdrawn Check Alert* FREE
Credit Card Payment Reminder FREE
Credit Card Transaction Alerts FREE
Credit Card Statement Notification FREE

Message and data rates may apply

*NSF and Paid by Repost fees apply. See Checking/Overdraft.

Sign up for Visa Credit Card Transaction Alerts

Sign up for any DCU Text Alert service through Online Banking in Account Manager. Once logged in, look for the "DCU Text Alerts" tab on the left side navigation menu. You can sign up for as many services as you like.