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Paying Bills with Your DCU Visa® Cards

Using your DCU credit or debit card has great advantages


By using your DCU Visa Card to pay your monthly bills automatically, each month you'll make one payment to your Visa, rather than a multiple payments by other means. By setting up your recurring bills to use your DCU Visa Debit Card, your money is transferred directly from your checking account.

Visa Security and Protection

When you pay with your DCU Visa Credit or Debit Card, DCU and Visa protect you several ways:

  • Zero Liability – You have no liability for fraudulent use of your card. Promptly report any fraudulent charges on your account and DCU will give you fast provisional credit while we investigate and remove fraudulent transactions.
  • Real Time Fraud Monitoring – Using sophisticated technology, we constantly scan for unusual or suspicious card activity and report any we find to you.
  • 3-Digit Security Code – The number on the back of your card verifies the card is in your hand when making online or phone purchases.
  • Verified by Visa – Get an added layer of protection from participating online merchants when you enroll your cards in this free optional program.

Comparing bill payment methods

Here are how different ways to pay your monthly recurring and one-time bills stack up.

Benefits Visa Credit Card Visa Debit Card DCU Bill Payer Pay by Check
Saves on time Yes Yes Yes No
Easy to use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Postage cost* No No No Always
Safe & Secure Safest Safest Safer Safe
Visa security and protection Yes Yes No No

* Postage Costs – If you pay your bills by mail using DCU Visa or Debit Card instead of online, you may have to pay for stamps.

Accepted by Millions of Billers

A wide variety of merchants accept credit and debit cards for bill payment. Contact your biller directly or browse their website to learn their payment options.

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