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PLUS Loan Refinance

Refinance or consolidate your exisiting PLUS loan

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Plus loan refinance

PLUS Loan Refinance benefits

  • Rates as low as 5.99% APR*
  • 0.25% rate reduction by enrolling in automatic electronic payment
  • Graduated repayment option that results in lower monthly payments during the first two years of your repayment term
  • NO pre-payment fee - pay off your loan at any time without penalty

NOTE: If you are a current student and need a loan visit the private student loan page.

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your interest rate is fixed and is based on the repayment term that you choose. All loans subject to approval and restrictions may apply. Digital Federal Credit Union reserves the right to change rates for new applications at any time and without notice. See Rates tab for details.

PLUS Loan Refinance Details

  • Why choose PLUS Loan Refianance – If you’re a parent or grad school alum who borrowed a federal Parent PLUS or Grad PLUS loan within the last several years, take note! While PLUS loans have historically been a good option for many parents and grad students when filling educational funding gaps, they also come at a high price. All PLUS loans originated over the last several years carry a fixed interest rate of at least 7.9%, and in some cases as high as 8.5%.

    Because of today's historically low rate environment we've been able to craft a refinance program that offers much lower rates than the 7.9% or 8.5% you may be currently locked into. Similar to homeowners who’ve taken advantage of today’s historically low rates to refinance their mortgages and save thousands of dollars, we want to give you that same opportunity with your PLUS loans!
  • How much could I really save by refinancing my PLUS loans? –With our PLUS Loan Refinance, you have the chance to refinance your existing PLUS loans at lower fixed rates, consolidate multiple loans into one convenient payment, and potentially save thousands over the life of your loan.
  • Savings Example with a PLUS Loan Refinance – To give you some perspective, if you refinance $48,000 in loans, moving from a 7.9% rate (10‐year repayment term) to a 6.49% rate (10-year repayment term), you could lower your monthly payment by more than $50 and save approximately $4,200 over the life of the loan. And consider this, if you’re in a position to afford higher monthly payments, you could refinance to a 5-year repayment term at a rate of 5.99% and save nearly $14,000 over the life of the loan. See the rates tab for our current rates.

If you are a current student and need a loan visit the Private Student Loan page.

Easy Ways To Apply Today

Student Lending Center – Learn more about PLUS Loan Refinance or apply.

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