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Personal and Business Banking

The DCU Way

Why you should choose DCU for all your financial services

Imagine a company whose purpose is to help you achieve your financial goals. Wouldn't they put your needs first? Wouldn't they try to save you money wherever they could? Wouldn't they make it easy for you to get what you need? Wouldn't they serve you with respect? You don't have to imagine.

We're Digital Federal Credit Union. Most members simply call us DCU. Over 800,000 DCU members have made us one of the fastest growing credit unions in America.* People often choose us for the value and convenience they see in our products and services. They stay and refer their friends and family for a deeper reason. They feel how much the people of DCU care about them and are determined to help them make the right financial decisions. It's Banking – The DCU Way.

What is The DCU Way?

The DCU Way revolves around three principles that guide the decisions and behavior of everyone at DCU:

  • People Come First
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Make a Difference

Experiencing The DCU Way

  • Everything you need – easy to use – We want to be your first choice for everything financial. To achieve that, we need to earn your business and your trust. We strive to do that every day. We continuously improve the services we offer and make them available whenever and wherever you need them. We regularly make information on membership benefits available so you can get the most from your membership.
  • Serving you is our only priority – We are a credit union. A credit union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. That means we are owned by and operated for you and your fellow members. There are no stockholders, partners, or outside owners. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of members like you, elected by you. You are our only priority and any earnings we receive are returned to you or used for your benefit. Visit our What Are Credit Unions? StreetWise page to learn more about how credit unions operate differently.
  • Our people care about you – You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. To serve you the way you deserve, we need a dedicated team of friendly people eager and ready to go the extra mile for you. We've built that team by choosing people that believe in what we're doing, by giving them the training and the tools they need, encouraging their ideas, paying them their worth, and treating them with respect.
  • Consumer education – Our vision is that all members achieve their financial goals collaboratively. We mean it and we live it every day. To achieve this, it's critical we provide you consumer and financial education. It's critical we offer products and services that give you a good financial deal. Our award-winning, unbiased StreetWise Consumer Education Program is strong evidence of our commitment to member consumer and financial education.
  • We listen to you and respond – If you have a question, problem, or concern, you can expect us to take it seriously and address it fast. We constantly seek your input on what we do through your emails, phone calls, survey responses, and our face-to-face interactions with you. Many of the new services and service enhancements we introduce are a direct result of your input.

If your current financial institution doesn't sound like this, maybe you should join us. We truly want to serve you.

Tell us your experience

It is so very important for us to hear from our members on how we are delivering on our promise. We want to get better at what we do for you every year. Have you experienced The DCU Way? Please email us and describe what The DCU Way means to you.

* DCU was named the fastest growing large credit union in America by Callahan & Associates, based on NCUA asset and savings growth data between 1995 and 2005.

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