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Privacy Policy

At DCU Insurance, your information is not for sale

DCU Insurance is a licensed insurance agency. We offer personal property and casualty insurance products underwritten by various insurers. As you should expect from any DCU affiliate, the privacy of your personal insurance information is extremely important to us. We take significant steps to protect your privacy so we can maintain your trust – and, it's the right thing to do.

The information below explains our policies for using and protecting the personal and insurance information you entrust to us.

At DCU Insurance, your information is not for sale

We do not and will not sell mailing lists or the insurance information of our members.

Agency and sources of compensation

Consumers should understand the agency role of DCU Insurance. We are authorized to represent the insurers who have appointed us. Consumer information or funds received by the agency are considered received by the insurer, and within insurer guidelines, we can bind coverage with the insurers. While we always strive to act in the best interests of our insurance customers, we are responsible to our insurers.

Compensation for our services comes from the insurers in the form of commissions and incentives. Consumers will not be asked to pay for our insurance services on a fee basis, although some non-insurance services, such as motor vehicle registry, may have separate fees.

Consumer reports and privacy

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, DCU Insurance, or the insurers we represent, may order one or more consumer reports as part of the application process to obtain insurance coverage. A consumer report may contain information on credit history, driving records, and criminal activities, among other things. This information will only be obtained and used as allowed under the insurance regulations of your state. In the event that coverage is denied to you based wholly or partly on information in a consumer report, you will be notified and given information for contacting the consumer reporting agency.

DCU Insurance uses personal non-public information you provide to us only for the purpose of providing insurance products and services per your requests. We do not sell your insurance information or share it with parties other than our insurers and our affiliate, DCU.

All information we must share with third party service providers is protected

In the course of providing and administering the products and services you use, we do share some information with our service providers (see more detail below). All of our information sharing is protected by contractual non-disclosure agreements that address the confidential nature of all of our member information. They require strict measures to protect the privacy of that information. In addition, ALL of these contractual provisions are specifically worded to survive the termination of every contract. This means that we have protected your information both now and any future point in time.

Collection and disclosure of personal information

When you apply for an insurance product or service, you provide personal information necessary for us to process your application. In order to fulfill your requests and continue to maintain your membership effectively, we retain and may share information. We learn about you from information we receive on your applications (paper and on-line), information about your transactions with us, or other forms such as your name, address, and Social Security Number.

Sharing information with third-party service providers

By using the services of reputable companies, we can provide you state-of-the-art products and services we would not be able to provide you on our own. In all cases where we use third-party service providers to help us serve you, contract provisions and our due diligence protect the privacy of all member information shared. Generally we share your nonpublic personal information with nonaffiliated third parties to complete transactions or maintain accounts and related records. We limit the information shared to only what is absolutely necessary to provide the service to you.

DCU Insurance enters into arrangements only with businesses we believe provide a quality product or service and who follow strict confidentiality requirements to assure they are legally bound to safeguard any information that is shared with them.

Survey and consulting firms

From time to time, we contract with insurance or financial institution consulting and survey firms. They may survey your opinions on our behalf or analyze data to help us identify trends and determine what future services may be of value to you.

DCU Insurance enters into arrangements only with businesses who follow strict confidentiality requirements to assure they are legally bound to safeguard any information that is shared with them.

Information we must report to government agencies or the courts

As an insurance services provider, we may be required by law or regulation to disclose personal financial and insurance information to government agencies, law enforcement, or the courts. Below is what we disclose under these circumstances:

  • Court order – There are instances when the firms that provide insurance to you may be ordered by a court of law to provide certain account information. This is usually the result of a court proceeding that you have been involved with and are therefore aware of.

Security of information

We take security seriously. And, while we continue providing you convenient new methods by which to access your account, we realize there are a number of precautions we must take to safeguard the information you are transmitting.

We restrict the level of access our employees have to your membership based on their responsibilities and hold them to high levels of confidentiality. In addition, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural protections that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information and privacy.

Opt out

You may have seen or heard the term opt-out in articles or on the news in relation to privacy laws. An opt-out method is required to be provided by any institution sharing customer or member information in a manner that is not allowed for within the privacy laws. The opt-out effectively removes that customer or member's information from sharing processes.

DCU Insurance currently only shares information as is allowed in the privacy laws. We NEVER sell our member information and only share it within the context of providing services to you. Our confidentiality agreements include provisions preventing any third party we deal with from contacting you in any manner outside of the terms of the agreement. Therefore, DCU Insurance does not currently provide an opt-out option. We do not intend to alter our current practices but rest assured that if we do, we will provide an opt-out method and make sure that you are given notice and more than adequate time to respond.

All of the firms we deal with that provide you insurance products have their own privacy policies for you to review. Each may give you the opportunity to opt out of all information sharing. If you opt out of all information sharing with any of these providers, DCU Insurance will not be able to share information on your accounts with DCU. DCU would only use such information to analyze our product and service offerings and to make sure any related offers we send you are likely to meet your needs. We encourage you to not opt out of sharing between DCU Insurance and DCU, but will honor your wishes whatever your decision.

Discontinuation of direct mail communications

We do provide you with a method to discontinue receiving any of our mailed member communication pieces. We use these to keep you informed of the benefits of DCU Insurance as we try to help you achieve financial well-being. We hope you find them worthwhile especially because the idea behind many of these mailings comes directly from our members. If you do decide to opt out of receiving DCU promotional pieces, you will cease receiving mailed offers of DCU Insurance products and services.

If you wish to stop receiving these mailings, send an email to* with Discontinue DCU Insurance promotions in the subject line. Please include your name and member number in the body of the message. You can also mail this information to:

  • DCU Insurance
  • 220 Donald Lynch Boulevard, Marlborough, MA 01752

Accuracy of information

We strive to make sure our records contain accurate information. Inaccurate information, when brought to our attention, is corrected promptly. We request that you keep your personal information with us, including the often forgotten phone number, as current as possible so that you may take advantage of all that DCU Insurance has to offer.

We care about your privacy and you

Again, we take our member's privacy very seriously. We do not however, have control of the privacy practices of other institutions or web sites. We strongly advise you to review the privacy policies of any other institution or web site you visit. Learn about ways to protect yourself by visiting the DCU StreetWise Privacy Protection and Fraud Prevention site. Our privacy policy and practices apply whether you are an active DCU Insurance client, an inactive client, or a former DCU Insurance client.

* Please note that ordinary email is not secure. You should avoid including any sensitive personal or financial information. Contact DCU Insurance directly with specific questions concerning your account or membership.

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