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Billing Inquiry

How to contact your insurer with billing questions

Make payments directly to your insurer

DCU Insurance policies are billed directly by the insurers, payments should be made to the insurer, not to the DCU agency.

Address and payment option information

Payment addresses can be found on-line along with on-line payment options, if available. The remittance addresses and/or online payment options for our insurers can be found through the following links:

For other types of billing inquiries, please contact DCU Insurance at 800.328.8797 extension 6978, or email

"Great Service on my New Policy"

Open quote  I've been a customer of DCU Insurance for a while. They just finished a review of my policy and helped me switch to another company they represent with the same coverage but at a lower rate. Thanks Close quote

— Boomer57, Marlboro, MA