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Overdrawn Check Alert

Have the opportunity to reduce an overdraft fee.

How it Works

Once enrolled in this service, we will send you a text message whenever there are not enough funds in your account to cover a DCU check you’ve written. When the text is sent, specific details regarding the pending transaction(s) will also be generated as a message in Account Manager (found in Online Banking). The details will include the check number(s) being presented as well as the information needed to deposit enough money to cover the check before it is submitted.

Note: Overdrawn Check Alert does NOT apply to a check that has been converted into an electronic payment withdrawal.


Prevent Checks from being Returned – Overdrawn Check Alert can give you advanced notice that checks are pending against insufficient funds and potentially will be returned if no action is taken.

Save Money – By using this service, you can cut the fee for an overdrawn check in half! Pay only $15 per check instead of $30!

Safety Cushion – By having the extra time to deposit money to cover checks, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have another option to correct a costly mistake.

Timeline and Deposit Details

Once the text is sent to you, you will have until 10:00am ET the following business day to make a deposit to your account.

Details regarding the covering deposit:

  • The funds deposited to cover the transaction cannot require a hold.
    > Learn more about our funds availability policy.
  • The funds deposited have to be enough to cover the pending check(s), as well as any other pending activity that has since been performed on the account by any account holder. You will also need to deposit the cost of the reduced $15 fee per pending check. This will allow the pending checks to clear your account and not be returned.


Service Fee
Overdrawn Check Alert* FREE
Credit Card Payment Reminder FREE
Credit Card Transaction Alerts FREE
Credit Card Statement Notification FREE

Message and data rates may apply

*NSF and Paid by Repost fees apply. See Checking/Overdraft.

While using the DCU Text Alerts Service is free, there is a cost for using Overdrawn Check Alert:

  • $15 per check that is paid.
  • If you are unable to deposit the necessary amount into your account by 10:00am ET the next business day, then the standard $30 overdraft fee will apply (per item). You will also risk the item being returned if you don’t have other Overdraft Protection services in place.

Sign up for Overdrawn Check Alert

Sign up for Overdrawn Check Alert through Online Banking in Account Manager. Once logged in, look for the "DCU Text Alerts" tab on the left side navigation menu. You can sign up for as many services as you like.

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