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Personal and Business Banking

Member Education at DCU

Learn how DCU helps its members become savvy consumers.

Financial education is a key to helping our members achieve their financial goals. That's why we provide opportunities for members to learn how to get the most from their money. Our award-winning newsletters are loaded with educational material to help members understand the products and services available to them in the financial world. We provide extensive free educational resources on our web site for members of all ages. And we offer free seminars from time to time on financial topics such as buying a home, buying a car, or retirement planning. For the latest articles that make our members more financially savy, check out our most recent newsletters.

StreetWise Consumer Education

Offered to all members at no cost, is DCU’s award-winning, unbiased StreetWise Consumer Education Program. StreetWise will provide you the information you need to make the major purchases of your life for as little money as possible. StreetWise will teach you how financial products and services work and how to get the most from them. StreetWise will show you how to protect your identity and personal information. As time goes on, we'll continue to expand and update StreetWise to cover an ever-broadening range of consumer and financial issues.

Barnyard Cents

For our youngest members up to age 13, DCU has created a program just for them. It's important to start your child off on the right financial path early in life and DCU's Barnyard Cents program can help you do just that. Barnyard Cents members will have fun while they learn about savings accounts, the importance of saving, and what a credit union is. For more information on this fun and educational program, including benefits, please visit the Barnyard Cents page on our web site.

Show Me

For members ages 13 – 22, DCU has designed Show Me, a place to teach young adults how to protect their money, protect their belongings, and get a good start in the real world. If your children are in college, plan to go to college, or are skipping college to go right into the working world, Show Me is specifically for them. The program is also made up of short articles with easy to follow tips. From scams and business practices aimed at young adults, Show Me gets young adults ready to stand on their own two feet as a student, a consumer, and a professional.

Show Me provides information needed to make the first major purchases of a young person’s life for as little money as possible. It teaches how financial products and services work and how to get the most from them, as well as how to protect a young person’s privacy and personal information. For more information on this program, please visit the Show Me website.

DCU In Your Classroom

DCU is committed to helping students in our local communities become strong, financially literate adults. For over more than a decade, DCU has strongly supported this commitment by working with students in local schools. Our Education Specialists present the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) financial literacy program in several high schools.

We work with high school students in schools teaching a new and improved version of the NEFE program. This includes budgeting; financial planning; credit; fraud and ID theft; and how to use a checking account. Additionally, we have included a module on career development and added interviewing skills and resume writing to prepare students for their job searches.

If your school system is located in Eastern Massachusetts or in Southern New Hampshire and you are interested in receiving additional information about having DCU in your classroom, please email Linda Quebec* or call 508.263.6700, extension 9317.

Volunteering at Reality Financial Education Fairs

Throughout the year, DCU team members also volunteer their time by participating in Reality Financial Education Fairs that local schools conduct and organize. These events allow students to find out what it’s like to live in the “real” world by learning first-hand about financial responsibilities including choosing a career, receiving a paycheck, and budgeting their income.

Students that participate in a Reality Fair are first challenged to find a career that they are interested in, and then be prepared to operate financially in the real world based on the given salary of that occupation. From there, each student learns money management skills by making decisions including setting up a savings and checking account, deciding on a place to live with the assistance of a realtor, purchasing an automobile, paying monthly utility bills, and what to do when unexpected non-budgeted expenses come up.

Reality Fairs are a fun and exciting simulation of spending and budgeting based on career choices and lifestyle decisions. By volunteering our time at these events, we are able to promote financial literacy to students and the important financial decisions they’ll need to make as they get older.

* Please note that ordinary email is not secure. You should avoid including any sensitive personal or financial information. Contact DCU directly with specific questions concerning your account or membership.